Pawn Shop DealMature

The day was still young, he drove a crossed the street to the pawn shop. He parked the truck, let it idle for a minute or two. He wasn't going to be in the pawn shop very long. He walked into the pawn shop, Rupert Stilson, an older man was sitting behind the counter and it looked like he was dozing. Adam looked through the shop, he was surprised the old coot hadn't woken up when the bell had chimed. Maybe he had a hard night with his new young girlfriend, Lynn. It didn't matter to him. He was looking through some of the old fishing gear, not much there.

Mr. Stilson?” Adam asked, he approached the counter and the man woke up.

Oh, Adam. “ Rupert said as he came around.

Yup.” Adam said, he nodded as he looked at the old man.

Lookin' fo some fishin' gear?” Rupert asked.

Yeah.” Adam nodded. “Looks like you don't have what I need.”

Oh, that's a shame.” Rupert said, he looked at the young man and forced a smile.

How much for that beat up Gibson behind you?” Adam asked, he pointed to the black guitar behind Rupert.

Ah, that old thing.” Rupert said, he picked up the guitar and put it on the counter infront of Adam.

Been sittin' here for a while. No one but you has ever asked about it. You know, I was asking a hundred for it. I'll let it go to you for about fifty.” Rupert said, he smiled. The truth was he didn't want the guitar in his shop anymore, it was taking up space and it had gotten awfully dusty.

Alright.” Adam said, he put two twenties and a ten on the counter. Rupert grabbed the money and counted it, Adam grabbed the guitar and left. He loaded the guitar into the back of his truck and drove off.

The End

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