Wolf MoonMature

A Rough draft of my werewolf hunter story.

The hunt, that is all he craved. Finding these wild creatures and disposing of them. It was what he lived for, he sat in a tree holding his crossbow close. There was movement down below, was it what he was looking for? Something with furious speed zoomed past him. He took the shot, thud! The arrow hit the ground. These woods were his only friend, the sky above him seemed to go on forever. The payment was a quarter million dollars to dispose of these beasts. He was going to do it, if it was the last thing he did.

I will find you!” He sneered, he climbed down out of the tree. His feet had hit the ground beneath him, he needed a drink. Maine was very legendary for it's supernatural surroundings. Big Foot and Wolves, lots of Wolves. He was in Kingston, Maine. It was a few miles outside of Bangor, a beautiful city. They just had a werewolf problem. Odd things always seemed to happen. He really hated when a target got away, he wasn't really sure if those were the wolves he was searching for or just wild dogs. His stomach was growling, he needed to get some food. He walked a half a mile, he came to a place where he had left his pickup truck. It had seen better days, it was rusted in some places. He hoped into his truck and started it up. He drove to Bangor, Maine. It was a short drive, maybe fifteen minutes if that. He came to a small diner, Macy's Diner. It was between Hermon and Bangor. It was a nice quant little place, and the owner actually did cook there as well.

He pulled into the parking lot and parked the truck and got out. He walked into the diner and sat down in a booth. What he loved about the place was the smell, you could smell all the food cooking. It was a very nice aroma that filled the air when you walked into the diner. He picked up the menu that was on the table and a few moments later a waitress came over to take his order. He got himself a Cola and ordered a cheese burger and cheese fries.

He turned to look behind him, the television was on and the newscaster was talking about the wolf attacks. He shook his head, he would get those bastards sooner or later. Maybe he should have pursued that wolf he saw in the woods. It couldn't have been one of them, it could have been just a normal wolf. The fools in the media thought the wolves that were attacking and being spotted everywhere were normal wolves. He knew different.

I swear the media doesn't know what they are talking about.” He said, he shook his head and he waited for his food to come. The Waitress walked back over with his cola and his food was starting to cook. He could hear the grills in the back frying up some meat.

`He loved the small town feel, he never really liked to live in big citys. The feel of a small town was awesome, everyone knew one another and cared about each other. People were always in each other's shit though, that kinda pissed him off. He continued to watch the news, there was a story about a monster in the woods of Derby, Maine. Huh, that was odd. Maybe he should check that out. He shook his head and chuckled a bit, sometimes Maine was like living insde of an episode of The Twilight Zone, Tales from The Darkside and X-Files all mixed together.

His name was Adam Brooks, Wolf Hunter. His brother Matthew Brooks was a demonlogist. They had always been into weird shit, everyone had made fun of them for it. Oh well, Adam's food came and he smiled as the plate full of food was put infront of him. The Waitress walked away and took other orders from the people inside of the resturant. Not many people in the resturant, kinda dead. He sighed. That is what happened with mom and pop diner's in Maine.

He has been coming to this place since he was a kid and he dove into his hamburger. He took a bite of it, he watched the television. The news stopped at the idea with the lady from Marden's came on, he shook his head. Such a staple in the maine area. He laughed a bit and almost choked on his burger. A few minutes passed and he finished his burger and started in on his fries. It didn't take him long to devour the fries.

The meal was good, he got up and walked to the cash register and paid the cashier for his meal. He walked back to the table and slapped down a few dollars on the table for a tip and he walked out of the diner and got back in his truck and drove back to his hometown of Kingston, Maine.

No one knew about the darkerside of Maine. You know all those reports of cows being taken or killed? Yeah, he was always called in to check those out. Lycans and Vampires were real, they were very real. The stories that had been passed down for generations, they were not too far off from the way these creatures really were.

I could really use a drink.” Adam said to himself, he pulled into the parking lot for Sam's Liquor Store. It was a small building, the store was literally one room that had beers and a few bottles of liquor. The owner was planning to move the store to a bigger space a few minutes down the street. He shut off the truck, got out and walked into the liquor store. He went to the cooler and grabbed a six pack of pabst blue ribbon and took it up the the counter, paid for it and left. He climbed back up into the truck, but the six pack in the middle between him and the passenger seat. He started up the truck.

Things will get better.” Adam told himself, he didn't know when. They had to get better, everyone goes through a time where everything looks like nothing but shit and darkness. He was going through such a time right now, he didn't know why. He had been having nightmares, he saw monsters and ghouls in these nightmares. Maybe his mind was trying to tell him something. He was stubborn. He just brushed off the nightmares as bad dreams caused by a midnight feast of Taco Bell.

The End

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