Wolf Heart

Fey's kind of lost. And who does she meet? A weird hunter.
Mature only for half of a swear word.

A/N: This is what I imagine for Fey's quiver: http://www.kustomkingarchery.com/images/4805SuperHunterQuiverS2-.jpg
I myself use a hip quiver, but I feel like that'd be kind of awkward for riding.

She's out riding, recurve balanced in her lap, when everything goes wrong.

Taint is a fairly new horse to the stables - broken in and everything, but still pretty young. Definitely not for the newbies.

So Fey had taken her out for a ride in the nearby White Forest (often used for rides or nature hikes) to evaluate which skill level students she should be placed with, with the added bonus of getting some more time to practice shooting. Still targets, of course. She was no hunter.

Except for the fact that some idiot had decided that it was okay to litter, and a sudden gust of wind sent a white plastic bag balloning out, full of air from where it was snagged on a branch and catching the wind. It gave a loud snapping noise as it inflated.

Taint spooked, bucking Fey off her back and bolting off. 

"Oh god," Fey moaned. She had landed on her back, right on top of her quiver. That hurt. 

Luckily, her bow had slid off the saddle with her. 

Usually she wouldn't have fallen off, being the experienced rider that she is, but she'd never ridden Taint before. That and the fact that she had been distracted with the warm weather, the trees casting shadows over the path.

Holding her phone up, she realized that she had no cell service - the trees were blocking it. Dammit.

Shrugging, Fey decided to just keep going.

Twenty minutes later, she realized that she had somehow managed to wander off the path, dried leaves crunching under her feet.

Oh well. She wasn't going to start panicking. She loved these woods, nothing would probably go wrong.

Continuing on her way, Fey accidentally startles a deer while trekking through the trees. 

And then there's something whizzing past her, a thunk, and her head is suddenly bare. Slowly turning, she sees her baseball cap pinned to a tree by a bolt.

Okay, now might be a good time to panic.

"Son of a bitc-" A woman comes into view, stopping when she sees Fey. Striding over to the tree, she yanks the bolt out and inspects the cap. Seemingly satisfied, she walks over to where Fey is, reaching a hand out to ruffle the other girl's short hair.

"No blood." She informs her gruffly. "Yer fine."

Then, the hunter stops. She seems to consider Fey for a moment. "Why're you out here, kid?"

Indignant, the other woman replied, "My horse bolted. Threw me off the saddle. And I'm not a kid! I'm twenty two."

"Don't look it. But this is a hunting preserve, I'd ask how the hell you wandered this far off the trail if I hadn' just nailed your cap to that tree over there like it was an apple. What's yer name?" The hunter re-adjusted her grip on her crossbow and leaned against a tree.

Fey couldn't help but notice the other woman's jeans and leather jacket. Also the fact that damn, of course she had to come across a hot hunter. "Fey. Yours?"


Fey snorted. 

"What's so funny?" Artemis sounded almost insulted.

"Nothing, it's just... well, you're a hunter. And the rest is easily explained by Greek mythology." She chuckled to herself as she looked down at her Blundstones, absentmindedly tugging up her half chaps.

Fey cursed her decision to wear her thin summer jodhpurs and short-sleeved shirt as she shivered slightly. She hadn't expected her venture into the woods to have taken this long.

Artemis, of course, noticed her violent shiver, and the fact that the temperature had decreased drastically as the sun began retreating under clouds, the clock ticking. Making a quick decision, she shrugged her leather jacket off, handing it to Fey.

"Oh, no really, I wouldn't want to take your jacket from you..." She protested feebly.

"Just take it. I've got layers on beneath." Artemis gestured to the white shirt and plaid button-up she was wearing.

"Thanks." Fey gave her a grateful look, leaning her recurve up against her thigh and unbuckling her quiver in order to slip the warm leather jacket on. 

"Alright. I'll take ya to where yeh can get cell service." Artemis seemed almost embarrassed by her display of kindness, retreating back into her shell.

"That would be much appreciated." Fey smiled at the hunter, adjusting her quiver and picking her bow back up.

They walked through the forest in silence, listening to their boots crunching dried leaves underfoot and birds calling one another from the treetops until they reached their destination, Artemis leading the other young woman into a clearing in front of a small farmhouse, situated comfortably in the middle of the woods.

A little road wound off into the trees.

"Try calling now." Artemis suggested, and Fey dialed Rory's number (one of the instructors at Titan Stables).

"Fey! Sweet Jesus, we were so worried when we got a call notifying us that somebody had found Taint without a rider."

"Hey, Rory. Yeah, I know. But I had no service, and I got lost. This hunter found me." Fey glanced over to her saviour, seeing the girl make a 'gimme' motion with her fingers.

"This's Artemis Green. Found yer little rider wanderin' 'round Saintfield Hunting Preserve. Must've gotten lost. I can bring 'er 'round for ya if ya want."

Fey listened as Rory's tinny voice thanked Artemis through the phone. 

"Okay, we'd better git." The hunter handed her cell back, walking in the direction of a beat-up rusty red pickup truck.

-- --- ---- ---- ---  --- ---- 

They're standing in front of Titan Stables half an hour later, Artemis awkwardly rubbing the back of her neck with a calloused hand, and Fey fingering the bowstring of her recurve nervously. 

"Um, so. Thanks, I guess." Fey looks up at the hunter through her eyelashes, feeling completely out of her depth.

"Yeah." The 24-year-old coughs. "Well, I'd better go."

"Bye," Fey says, voice a little sad.

Artemis leaves.

-- --- ---- ---- ---  --- ---- 

Four days later, Fey finds a crossbow bolt pinning a piece of paper to the wall in her private horse's stall door. It reads, 

'Wanna go out with me sometime?'

Fey grins. Pond snuffles.

-- --- ---- ---- ---  --- ---- 

18 hours after Artemis not-so-conventionally asked Fey out, she finds a note nailed to her front door with an arrow. There's one word on it:


The End

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