Wolf Child. The beginning

ideas came to me and became this

It was a wet night on the moors, a thin curtain covered every thing that it touched, and making the people have a glow about them. It was on this day that the child was found, he walked over the hill with naught but the cloths he was wearing and a cloak, not a very good one, but it was his and no one was to touch it. That was the rule in this area.

 As he walked over the hill the people were sure they had seen animals with him, ones the size of him. But once they got there they found nothing but him and a pendant like the ones all children are given, the only strange thing about him was the tattoo on his shoulder, a wolf with the sun going down an the right. When he saw them he smiled and fell, gracefully, like he had planed it, then the beauty of the moment was spoiled as he hit the ground with a thump, this was how he arrived.

   This was a well to do town and so with his discovery they set out to see if the parent was near. They found no one, but if you looked you would see a shape on the mountain nearby watching with a hawk spiralling nearby, The man saw what happened and turned and walked away into the rain, gone from this child for the Childs life, only to appear at his death many years later, this was his Ba’hat life spirit, the hawk man, warrior of legend, king of the soul.

Without the parent being found a family stood forward to look after the child. This to was a way in this part of the world. With that the child had a new place to live, a family, teachers and life. He would be content till he came of age and found the truth in the Ba’Mahan, The scrolls of life; Truth of the realm and word of the creator, but this was not for a long time as the coming of age was at seventy five, an age when death had fallen on those people that would not approve.

Trouble would fall upon this town sooner than this. The child was a warrior and would find the spirit flow, or die. Raiders were around and in ten years they would find this place and take it as their own, or die, fate has a thing like that, in many times they don’t get there, unfortunately for wolf child this was not one of these times, the raiders would come.  

The End

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