i got off on wolves for a while so i ended up writing a lot of stuff about them. this was my favorite.

Darkness slowly falls over the forest. Soft footsteps pad through the trees. Glowing yellow eyes shine out of the black night. A dark graceful form steps out of the bushes. It slowly walks into a pool of light. Thick ebony fur glistens as muscles ripple. Large ears carefully listening to the night around him, the wolf walks over to the bubbling stream. In the pale moonlight, he studies his reflection. Gleaming white fangs seem to glow in the night as he smiles slightly. Crouching slowly, his long dark muzzle touches the water. His soft ears twitch as he quietly laps at the cool liquid. Footsteps suddenly break the quiet of the night. A rustling to the left causes him to tense. Then, a young girl stumbles out from the trees, falling to her hands and knees. A deep rumbling rolls through his chest and her head snaps up at the sound. Terror courses through her veins and screams at her to move but she is frozen, trapped by his bright yellow eyes. His red tongue lashes out and across his teeth as though he was tasting the fear radiating from her. His ears twitch as he listens to her frantic heartbeat. Hackles raised, he slowly paces over to the young girl, taking in her appearance. She's wearing faded blue jeans and a torn ragged red tee-shirt. Her hair is a wild nest of tangles and has a few stray leaves caught in it. Dirt covers her from head to toe. As he circles her, growling deeply, she starts breathing faster and quivers with fear. This only entices the wolf more. He stops circling to look at the girl more fully. Almost defiantly, her deep green eyes bore into his. Faltering, the wolf stops growling. he cocks his head to one side before stepping back to his original position and crouches down to drink once more. He hears the girl let out a breath of air and whisper softly, though what she said he did not understand. She cups her hands and gets her own drink of water before vanishing once more into the trees, leaving the wolf to his own thoughts.
The End

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