Episode ThreeMature

Woeful Wizards Order of the Phoenix Episode Three

Scene 1:

[Harry, the Weasleys, Hermione and the Order of the Phoenix are having dinner at 12 Grimmauld Place.]

Harry:My! These sprouts are (s) delicious!

Ginny:As are your eyes, Harry.

Molly:(ignores Ginny) Thanks, Harry.

[Harry stares at Ginny, who flutters her eyelashes in return. Harry looks uncomfortable.]

Harry:S-so, what have you guys been up to?

Sirius:(stands up) He has a (s) right to know, Molly.

Molly:How (s) dare you! In front of children as well! Everyone except Harry leave!

Fred:We’re over seventeen.

George:So we’re no longer teen.

Hermione:He’ll tell (s) me and Ron anyway.

[Everyone looks at Ginny and waits. She scowls back at all of them.]

Ginny:Fine then. I’ll just (s) be in my room, all alone, waiting. (She winks slowly at Harry.)

[Ginny exits and Harry sighs.]

Sirius:What would you like to (s) know, Harry?

Harry:Just, you know, a recount of your holidays I guess.

Sirius:(places hands on Harry’s shoulder and stares deep into his eyes) Are you ready for this responsibility, Harry? Because this is top secret-

Molly:(stands up) STOP! He’s not James!

Sirius:And you’re not (s) his mother!

Molly: (whispers) I might as well be.

[Dramatic music. Harry swivels to Molly and looks shocked.]

Harry:(eyes shining with tears) I had no idea.


Scene 2:

[Draco and the gang are at Malfoy Manor.]

Crabbe:We haven’t been doing much lately.

Goyle:That’s because there hasn’t been anyone to interact with besides ourselves.

Draco:Hey, guess what I (s) just found!


Draco:(s) Pottermore!

[Dramatic music.]


Scene 3:

[At dinner at Grimmauld Place.]

Sirius:… basically, we’ve been trying to stop Voldemort or something.

Harry:(gasps) I’m shocked!

Molly:Don’t tell him anything else otherwise… this gets personal.

[Everyone starts to clear their plates away.]

Ron:So, Mum, do you think of me in the same way that you consider Harry?

Molly:Of course I do, Charlie.

Ron:It’s Ron.


Sirius:Harry, I need to (s) show you something.

Harry:(s) … okay.

[Sirius takes Harry to the living room.]

Sirius:This is the (s) Black tapestry.

Harry:(whistles) That’s quite something.

[Covering an entire wall is a whiteboard, with a family tree on it.]

Sirius:Let’s see, that was me but my mother rubbed me out…

Harry:Wow, magic.

Sirius:… yes, quite. And there was Tonks’s mother but again, rubbed out… oh and there’s Bellatrix Lestrange…

[Harry twitches at the sound of her name. Sirius doesn’t notice.]

Sirius:… and there was Arthur… and Molly was there…

Harry:Hang on, they’re (s) related?


Harry:Molly and Arthur are… related?

Sirius:I don’t- I don’t, um (scratches head) What was I- ah yes! And there’s the Malfoys…

[Sirius continues to ramble on. Harry looks at him disgustedly. Dramatic music.]


Scene 4:

[Draco and the gang are in Draco’s bedroom, on the internet together.]

Crabbe:It’s like (s) virtual school!

Goyle:Wow! We’re making potions!

Draco:Okay, now I just have to wave my wand…

Crabbe:QUICKLY! You only have (s) six seconds left!

Draco:AHHH…. And got it!

[They all cheer and high five each other.]

Goyle:How long ‘til it’s ready?

Crabbe:Uh, an hour and twenty three minutes.

Draco:(s) WHAT.

[Dramatic music.]


Scene 5:

[Harry, the gang, Fred, George, Ginny, Molly and Sirius are doing some cleaning.]


Hermione:Sirius, you’re (s) hand!

[Sirius’s hand is covered in a crust.]

Sirius:(taps hand with wand) Huh, must be Wartcap powder. (s) I AM SO BORED.

Molly:Let’s clean out this cupboard, shall we?

[Everyone nods and begin to clean out the cupboard.]

Ron:Hey, what’s (s) this?

[Ron holds up a locket.]

Hermione:Open (s) it!

Ron:(tries to open it) I- I can’t.

[Dramatic music.]

Sirius:Oh, let me. (snatches the locket off of Ron) Hang on, neither can I.

[One by one, everyone tries to open the locket but to no avail.]

Fred:This thing is obviously useless.

George:It makes me toothless.

Hedwig:(swoops in) FORESHADOWING.

Harry:How did (s) you get out of your cage?

Hermione:Obviously let us forget this ever happened.

Ginny:Good idea.

[They through the locket away. Dramatic music.]


Scene 6:

[Draco and the gang are still at the computer, staring at the screen.]

Draco:Why can’t I (s) duel anyone?

Crabbe:How much (s) longer on the potion?

Draco:Uh… it’s finished brewing now!

Goyle:Cool! Click on it!

Draco: (clicks) Wait, I have to do more stuff? (s) I JUST WAITED FOR A BLOODY HOUR AND A HALF FOR THIS TO BREW.

Crabbe:Technically an hour and twenty three minutes.

Draco:(s) SHUT UP.

[Draco moodily clicks on the screen. Crabbe and Goyle watch him, bored.]

Draco:It’s (s) done.

Goyle:Now what?

Draco:I- I don’t know.

Crabbe:Maybe we click on it and get a (s) badge or something?

[Draco clicks.]

Goyle:Nope, nothing. But you did get (s) five house points.

Crabbe:Can you (s) do anything with it?

Goyle:I guess not, huh, Draco?

[Draco does not respond, but instead stares intensely at his computer screen.]

Goyle:… Draco?


[Draco stands up, picks up his computer, and throws it on the ground. He then lights it on fire.]


Draco: (s) Let us never speak of this again.

[Dramatic music.]


Scene 7:

[Harry and Ron are in their jim-jams, getting ready for bed in their bedroom.]

Harry:I’m so (s) nervous about tomorrow.

Ron:What’s (s) happening tomorrow?

Harry:(s) My trial.

[Dramatic music. Molly comes into the room.]

Molly:Oh, and by the way Arthur’s taking you. And Dumbledore was here.

[Molly exits, taking a sock with her.]

Harry:(whispers) Dumbledore… how (s) could you?

Ron:(cheerily) ‘night, Harry!

[Ron turns off the light and goes to bed. Harry remains sitting up in bed.]

Harry:(whispers) Dumbledore…

[Harry falls asleep. A figure comes to the window and peers in.]

Figure:Harry… tomorrow we (s) shall meet.

[Very dramatic music.]


The End

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