Episode SixteenMature

Woeful Wizards Goblet of Fire Episode Sixteen

Scene 1:

[Harry and the gang are in a classroom. Harry appears to be dancing.]

Ron:Sweet moves, (s) Harry.


Hermione:Oh, right.

[Hermione casts some spell. Harry stops dancing.]

Ron:Why’d you stop dancing, (s) Harry?

[Harry swivels to Ron and stares at him intensely.]

Hermione:What’s (s) Draco doing?

[They all look out the window and see Draco and the gang huddled under a tree, looking at something.]

Harry:I (s) deduce that they’re holding a walkie talkie.

Ron:(s) I concur.

Hermione:Electronics don’t (s) work on school grounds.

[Harry and Ron looked shocked. Dramatic music.]

Ron:(s) What a convenient plot element!

Scene 2:

[Draco and the gang are huddled under a tree. Draco is holding a beetle.]

Draco:So, you want (s) me to dish out dirt on Harry?

[The beetle nods.]

Draco:But why? Why? WHY?

[Draco falls to the ground and starts to sob.]

Crabbe:Draco, she can’t (s) talk.

Goyle:She’s in (s) beetle form.



Draco:I need to (s) have some time alone. With the beetle.

[Crabbe and Goyle nod and back away.]

Draco:Now, to tell you my (s) deepest darkest secrets.

[The beetle looks depressed. Dramatic music.]

Scene 3:

[Harry and the gang are having breakfast in the Great Hall.]

Hermione:Harry, check out this (s) article.

[Hermione holds up the Daily Prophet. Its title reads: “DRACO MALFOY TELLS US HIS FEELS”]

Harry:How dare they (s) insult me so!


Harry:Ugh, this is (s) bugging me so!

[Hermione looks shocked.]

Harry:Who could be so (s) cruel?

Hermione:Hang on… is she an animagus? (stands up and shouts) TO THE LIBRARY!

[Hermione runs off. Ron stares after her.]

Harry:(looks around) There seems to be an absence in the air around me.

[McGonagall walks in.]

McGonagall:Potter, your family’s here to see you.

[McGonagall walks out. Harry falls to his knees.]

Harry:(eyes wet with unshed tears) They care…

[Deep and meaningful music]

Scene 4:

[Draco is lying in a bed of anguish. Crabbe is lying one side of him and Goyle the other.]

Draco:I can’t believe I (s) sold out Harry like that.

Goyle:No, you (s) didn’t.

Draco:(sits up) DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

[Draco storms out. Goyle and Crabbe look confused. Dramatic music.]

Scene 5:

[Harry is with Bill and Molly at the Entrance Hall. The other champion’s families are there as well.]

Molly:So, according to the school, we’re your family now.

Harry:(monotonous) Brilliant.

[Fleur waltzes up.]

Fleur:‘Allo, ‘Arry- oh oui! Et qui est this?

Bill:(winks at Fleur) Hey there, beautiful. Come here often?

Fleur:(pouts at him) Zat depends. Do toi?

[Bill and Fleur start doing the tango together, because that is how people flirt.]

Harry:I feel (s) excluded.


[Molly hugs Harry.]

Harry:Please don’t.

[Dramatic music.]

Scene 6:

[Draco is sitting by himself in the library, reading some books.]


[Hermione walks in.]

Hermione:Oh, sorry, I-

Draco:I’ve been (s) looking for you.

Hermione:Me (s) too.

[Draco and Hermione lean towards each other, lips about to touch.]

Hermione:Wake up, Draco.

[Draco wakes up.]

Draco:What a (s) strange and inaccurate dream. (Looks at watch.) Oh, it’s time for the Third Task.

[Draco gets up and leaves.]

Scene 7:

[Harry and the other champions are at the edge of the maze.]

Harry:That was a (s) wonderful meal we had.

Cedric:(sneering) Last meal for you.



Fleur:Vell, Je suis tres excited parce que j’ai eu mon premier fois avec Bill.

Krum:(grunts) Humph.

Cedric:Just out of curiosity, what blood type is everyone?

Harry:O positive.

Cedric:(smiles) Oh, that’s nice.

[Bagman waddles up to the champions.]

Bagman:Everything good? Yes. Okay.Sonorus.

[A megaphone appears in Bagman’s hand.]

Bagman:As of now, we have Fleur on third place, Krum on second and Harry and Cedric on tied first!

[Everyone cheers.]

Harry:Cedric! We both (s) won!

Cedric:(frowns at Harry) No, we-


[Hedwig flies away.]

Harry:Where’d she come from?

Bagman: And, go!

[All the champions enter the maze. Dramatic music.]

Scene 8:

[Draco and the gang are standing uncomfortably in-between Ron and Hermione.]

Ron:Hi Crabbe.

Crabbe:Hi Ron.

Draco:So, Hermione…


Draco:Never mind.

[Awkward music. For ideas, listen to The Police.]

Scene 9:

[Harry is in the maze, alone.]

Harry:I’m so (s) bored.

[Fleur appears out of nowhere.]

Harry:Hey Fleur, are you as (s) bored as I am?

Fleur:Tracker… jackers… Je ne can pas… breathe.

Harry:They should totally have (s) music playing.

Fleur:(gasping for breath) ‘Elp…

[Fleur collapses.]

Harry:I might fall (s) asleep as well out of sheer boredom.

[Harry continues to walk along. Krum appears out of nowhere.]

Harry:You know, (s) for such a big maze we sure are running into each other a lot.


Harry:Hey! You (s) got past your speech impediment.

Krum:(Lunges at Harry) Urgh…

[Before Krum can touch Harry, a pale hand shoots out of nowhere and snatches Krum away. Slurping noises can be heard.]

Harry:(confused) Where’d he go?

[Cedric appears out of nowhere, some sort of red liquid smeared over his face.]

Cedric:You smell good, Harry.


Cedric:(Leans in close and inhales) Real good.

[Cedric opens his mouth, as if to bite Harry, when Harry turns at the last moment.]

Harry:(s) The Cup!

[And sure enough, there is the Cup, blazing brilliantly.]

Harry:C’mon (s) Cedric! We can do this (s) together!

[Harry starts to run to the Cup.]

Cedric:(frustrated) But I just want your blood!

Harry:(s) WHAT?

[Harry reaches the Cup and just before he touches it, Cedric is suddenly right next to him.]

Harry:How- how did (s) you-

[Cedric smiles, baring his fangs.]

Cedric:Sweet dreams, Potter.

Harry:(screams) FUUUU-

[Harry reaches out to stop Cedric’s hand and accidentally forces both of their hands to touch the Cup. They are instantly transported to a graveyard.]

Cedric:(shouts) YOU IDIOT!

[Dramatic music.]


The End

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