Episode ThreeMature

Scene 1:

[At the Quidditch World Cup. Draco is sitting in his room, reading a book.]

Draco:Oh Jane, can’t you see how much Mr. Rochester loves you?

[Mr Malfoy walks in.]

Mr Malfoy:What is this (sneers) drivel that you are reading?

Draco:(angrily) It’s not drivel, it’s my (s) … life.

Mr Malfoy:That’s it! (s) We’re going to the Quidditch World Cup!

Draco:(shouts) I DON’T WANT TO.

Mr Malfoy:If you loved me, (s) you would.

Draco:(turns around with tears in his eyes) I thought I still did.

Mr Malfoy:(s) That’s it.

[Mr Malfoy grabs Draco by his hair and drags him out of the room. Dramatic music.]

Scene 2:

[The Weasley’s, Harry and Hermione are all sitting in the box-thing. There is an empty chair next to Harry.]

Harry:(waving) Bye then!

Hermione:Who were you talking to, Harry?

Harry:Winky. She’s just gone to get snacks.

Hermione:Oh, I see.

Ron:(hits Hermione in the face) shh… it’s starting.

[20thCentury Fox music.]

Harry:(s) Wow! Magic!

Ron:(s) On broomsticks.

[Harry and Ron embrace without taking their eyes from the front. However, in doing so, Harry sticks his behind out so that his wand is sticking out.]

Hermione:(in between the two) I… can’t… breathe.

[Harry’s wand disappears. Dramatic music.]

Harry: (s) Did you hear something?

Ron:Only the sound of (s) friendship.

[Friendship music.]

Hermione:(choking noises) NNNNGGGHHH.

Scene 3:

[Mr Malfoy and Draco are walking just outside the Quidditch World Cup stadium.]

Mr Malfoy:What did you think of the match, Draco?

Draco:If all the world hated you, and believed you wicked, while your own conscience approved you, and absolved you from guilt, you would not be without friends.

Mr Malfoy:Shit, is that the time? Got to go do some stuff, see you later, kid.

[Mr Malfoy hurries away, putting on some dark robes and a mask whilst doing so.]

Draco:(sighs) Oh, well. I wonder where Crabbe and Goyle are?

Scene 4:

[Harry, Ron and Hermione are running through a forest.]

Harry:What the hell happened?


Harry:How original.

Hermione:Let’s (s) light our wands.

[Hermione and Ron do so. Harry pats his pockets and frowns.]

Ron:Whatever is the (s) matter, Harry?

Harry:(s) I’ve lost my wand.

[Hermione and Ron both gasp and look shocked at the same time.]

Harry:(puts head in hands) How could this happen?

Ron:(pats his back) There, there.

[Draco walks in.]

Draco:Didn’t mean to intrude, but-

Hermione:(points at Draco) YOU DID THIS. YOU STOLE HIS WAND.

Harry:Hermione, I don’t think-


Draco:(starts to cry) My father… doesn’t tell me anything. (Buries face in hands)

Harry:(pats Draco on the back) Neither does mine.

Draco:(looks up hopefully) Really?

Ron:(pushes Draco away from Harry) Go away, Malfoy. No one wants you here.

Draco:(looks from Harry to Ron) I see how it is.

[Draco flees. Harry looks after him longingly.]

Hermione:(s) He’s such a tool.

Ron:I know, right?


[There is a crash offscreen. Everyone swivels towards it.]

Ron:What the (s) Merlin was that?

Harry:Oh, that’s just Winky.


Hermione:Shouldn’t we help her? She seems to be struggling.

Ron:No, house-elvesliketo do some (s) hard work.


Harry:Let’s carry on running then, shall we?

[They do so, to dramatic music.]

Scene 5:

[Mr Malfoy, dressed in his robes and mask, is setting fire to things whilst cackling manically. Draco runs up to him.]

Draco:Father! (s) I HAVE FOUND YOU AT LAST!

Mr Malfoy:(Doesn’t stop committing arson) Not now, Draco, (s) I’m busy.

Draco:(s) You’re always busy.

Mr Malfoy:(angrily) Just go to our tent, will you?

Draco:Can’t. The tent’s on fire.

Mr Malfoy:(sighs) Then put it out with magic.

Draco:(frowns) But I can’t use magic outside of school.

Mr Malfoy:(turns to Draco) Were you always a whiny little bitch?

[Draco looks mortified. Dramatic music.]

Scene 6:

[Harry and the gang are still running from the woods.]

Hermione:Wait, what are we running from?

Ron:(s) DANGER.


Harry:(s) Let’s walk.

Ron:(s) Okay.

[They walk.]

Harry:Hey, what’s that (s) sound?

Voice:(offscreen) BRILLIANT! Brilliant!

Ron:I… I don’t know.

Hermione:Guys, (s) shh…

Voice:(still off-screen but getting closer) Well, well, well… what am I here for again? Ah, yes, I remember. MORSMORDRE!

[A Dark Mark appears in the sky.]

Harry:(whistles) Cool.

Voice:(off-screen) Aw, is that the time? Allons-y!

[There is a noise like: VWORP VWORP, then silence.]

Ron:(s) I wonder what-

[A jet of light comes out of nowhere and hits Ron on the head, causing him to fall.]

Harry:What the-

[Another jet of light hits Harry.]


[There is a bang, cursing and the sound of someone falling over.]

Hermione:(s) It’s Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Grange, you nitwits!

[Amos, Arthur, Mr Crouch and Bagman all step forward.]

Arthur:So sorry, Hermione. Amos must not have seen you guys.

Amos:… yes.

[Dramatic music.]

Scene 7:

[Mr Malfoy is torturing some muggles, with Draco nearby looking sulky.]

Mr Malfoy:(s) Stop being so difficult, Draco.


Mr Malfoy:Look, we can hang out next weekend. How does that sound?

Draco:I’m at school, Dad. (s) Don’t you remember anything?

[Draco runs off. Mr Malfoy looks angry.]

Mr Malfoy:Draco, wait, I-

[The Dark Mark appears in the sky.]

Mr Malfoy:Aw, shit.

[Mr Malfoy disapparates. Dramatic music.]

Scene 8:

[Harry and the gang and MoM staff are still in the woods.]

Arthur:So, you’re saying that the elf did it?

Hermione:NO! (s) There was a man.

Bagman:That sounded like an elf?

Ron:NO! (s) He sounded a little Scottish.

Amos:But he looked like an elf?

Harry:NO! (s) He was quite tall and his hair was… dreamy.

Crouch:(s) I’ve heard enough! Obviously, I must fire my elf. Which I have done. Now.

[There is a squeak off-screen.]

Crouch:Quiet, Winky. Now, since it’s late and I’m tired, nothing happened here.

Hermione:What? (s) Well, for one-


[Crouch disapparates. Hermione looks furious. Everyone else shrugs.]


[Dramatic music.]


The End

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