Chapter Four

Chapter Four


            “Where are we going?”

            Mitchell replied, “We need to make a few stops before you meet your new family.  There are things we have to… change.”


            “It’s standard WPP procedure.  You’ll be given a new look and a new identity.  Do you like makeovers?”

            Eva shrugged.  “I guess.  I’ve never really had one before.”

            “I think you’ll like it,” Mitchell said.  “Here we are.”  He pulled into what looked like a hospital.  He walked in through the sliding doors, holding Eva’s hand in his.  Eva was still in her party frock; a frilly pink taffeta dress with matching sparkly heels.  Mitchell wondered about Eva.  An event like this would surely leave its mark.  Poor Eva would be scarred forever.  She would probably have some degree of PTSD; a majority of the other witnesses did. 

            Mitchell walked down a white, sterile hallway and turned into a room labeled ‘Appearance and Identity’.  He saw Eva glance up at the sign.  “You’ll have to stay here for about a week or so.  How fast do you learn?”

            Eva shrugged again.  “So-so.  I wasn’t top of my class, but I was pretty close.”

            “That’s good,” Mitchell said.  “Don’t worry.  I’ll stay with you.”

            Eva looked at him.  Mitchell returned her gaze.  She was so small, even for an eleven year old.  Her face had started to lose some of its baby fat.  Her eyes were round and a brilliant shade of blue.  Yet, they were devoid of any emotion; as though Eva had built a wall around her emotions.  Her long honey colored hair flowed past her shoulders. 

            “Good evening, Mr. Mitchell,” a secretary said as they entered the room.

            “I wish it was, Laura.  I wish it was,” Mitchell said.  “This is Eva.  Eva Reinhardt.  She’ll be staying here for a few days.”

            “Yes, Captain Roberts forwarded me the information.  She’s in room 4C.”

            “Thank you, Laura.”

            They continued on their way.

            Eric Mitchell was a tall, lean man in his late twenties.  His hair was a dark black, almost blue.  His eyes were gentle and kind, an empathetic green color.  Eva noticed that he stood tall and firm. Like a rock,she thought.  And right now, that’s what Mitchell was:  her rock in a shattering world.

            They had arrived at room 4C.  Mitchell pushed open the door.  Eva took in the scene around her.  White walls, white floor, white sheets on the white bed.  There was so much white that Eva was tempted to shield her eyes from it. 

            “This is where you’ll be sleeping,” Mitchell said.  “Tomorrow we’ll start the change.”

            Eva nodded.  “Do I have any pajamas?’’

            Mitchell nodded over in the corner.  There was a closet that Eva hadn’t noticed before.  It was the same color white as the walls.  Eva walked over and opened the door.  Surprise, surprise.  White shirts and white pants. 

            “Thanks, Mitchell,” she said. 

            But he’d already left.


The End

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