Chapter One

Chapter One


“How’s she doing?”

            Jackie glanced at the backseat.  Eva had fallen asleep, her head resting lightly on the window.  Jackie smiled and whispered, “She’s asleep, Ron; looks like she has been for quite some time.”  Jackie made soft cooing noises, knowing they wouldn’t wake her daughter. 

            “It was a long night for her,” Ron said, glancing at his wife.  “I mean, turning eleven… wow.”

            Jackie snickered and turned front.  It had been a long day, for all of them.  Eva had woken both her and Ron up at nearly six in the morning, excitement radiating from her face as she shouted:  “Today’s the day!  Today’s the day!  Come on, get up!”

            Jackie smiled at the memory and brushed her honey colored hair out of her emerald eyes.

            Ron sneaked a look at Jackie and asked, “What are you smiling about?”

            “Eva,” she replied, “and the rude awakening she gave us this morning.”

            Ron laughed.  “Ah, but it was worth it.  After all, those times won’t last, better live and enjoy every moment we get.”  He reached over and took his wife’s hand.  They shared a knowing glance and a secret smile.

            In the entire world, you could hardly find two people more in love or more devoted to each other than Ron and Jackie Reinhardt.  They were high school sweethearts until their paths separated in college.  By a lucky set of circumstances, they were reunited and their feelings rekindled.  Only one problem, Jackie was already engaged.  In a heartbreaking decision, Jackie called off her engagement to be with Ron.  Since then, they had never looked back with any regrets; Jackie had seen that her fiancé was far too different for her to have ever been happy with him.  Ron was all she could ask for:  funny, kind, compassionate, faithful, and much more that Jackie had been blessed to find out.  Not to mention handsome.

            Ron was tall, hovering around six eight.  He was still well-muscled from his sporting days in high school, and tanned from the summers he and Jackie had spent in Georgia.  His blue eyes never lost their signature twinkle.  His hand was strong and firm, like he himself had been during the bumps in their marriage.

            Little Eva was a blessing herself.  After two miscarriages, Jackie and Ron had lost all hope of ever conceiving a child of their own.  Eva had been born three months premature and her chances of survival had been slim.  Yet there she was, huddled in the backseat, fit and healthy.  Her slight figure was the only clue to being premature. 

            “Ron!”  Jackie screamed. 

            Ron, who had seen what she screamed at, slammed hard on the breaks.  The car stopped a few feet short of the man who had fallen into the road.

The End

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