Show Me How To Lie

Chapter 4

Seth walked Lyric down the hill. In the backdrop they could hear Noah and Elinor bickering. Seth sat down suddenly and asked Lyric to sit down next him. She nodded and did so. They bothed look back up for a moment to catch a sight of Elinor kicking Noah. 

Seth laughed to himself. 

"They're a real pair," Seth chucked. He picked up his guitar and started mindlessly strumming. "So why do you hang out with her anyways?" 

"She was the first friend I made here," She explained softly. 

"Ah I see," he mumbled, strumming. "You can hang out with me any time you want to." 

"Thank you," She spoke, looking up at him.

"Here I'll play you a song," He offered, moving the guitar a little in his hands. She watched him as he positioned his hands for the first chord, "My mom taught me this one." 

He started playing and she watched him intently as he switched chords and played a few notes rather quickly in between. 

"Can you play anything?" He asked during a quite part of the song. 

"No, but my father h-he was in a popular Japanese rock band, he was the lead guitarist and my mother was once a pianist, my siblings are all musically talented too..." she said all of this without taking a single breath. 

"What about you?" He asked. 

"I guess I'm just... different." she smiled sadly. 

Seth smiled too, and then soon began singing. He had a nice voice. She closed her eyes while he played and sang. She wasn't very musical herself, but I'd grown up with music being a big part in her life so she knew how to appreciate it.

She seemed to like his music, and the more he felt she liked it the more energy he put into it. 

"it's okay to be different," he explained to her. "You got to be your own person. You should do what you want to, even if it's not what your family does. Break the trend. Not everyone can be a master musician." he started singing again and she nodded as if understanding him. 

Sure he was sort of musically inclined like his parents. But unlike her family, his parents never did anything with it out of high-school. Mom's a big author, and Pops a doctor. 

"I kind of did," He started in again. "Neither of my parents found music to be a life-long career. Yet i want to make it into one. My mom's nice enough to let me do it, even though she has doubts. She says if I don't try I'll never learn, and even if she tried to stop me I'll do it anyways." She nodded. "So what do you want to do with your life?"

Hmm, what did she want to do with my life? "I like drawing..." she said vagely sounding like a child, "Though there isn't really anything that seems perticularly appealing to me right now."

Seth nodded, "Thats okay I guess, you don't have to know right now."

"You must really love music, to be so driven. Do you take your guitar everywhere?" she asked.

He laughed, "No, not everywhere. I brought it along today cause I was going to play by myself. But then I ran into you guys." 

"Oh," She mumbled. 

"My mom's friend makes anime cartoons," he explained to her, bringing back up her love for drawing. "If you want I could introduce you to her."

How nice of him. "Umm that would be amazing, thanks," she smiled, "But, please don't let me distract your beautiful playing." 

Seth looked up at me, grinning. "You think I play beautifully?" 

She blushed a little, but looked away to disguise it. "Yes." 

"You're very sweet." He said, which made her blush a deeper pink.

"Do you go to College here?" He asked, changing the subject. 

"Yeah, I'm a Sophomore." 

"I'm a senior" He replied. 

Silence fell over them and he started playing another tune. This one she recognized. "I know this one," she said and hummed along as he sang. She wanted to sing with him, but she was too scared.

She hummed along with him, seeming a little too nervous to actually make out the words. He strummed along and stopped singing for a moment. She looked at him awkwardly and he smiled at her. 

"Sing," He suggested. 

She raised an eyebrow at him. 

"Come on it's okay!" 

She started singing rather softly, looking down at the ground as she mumbled the words under her breath. He laughed to himself for a moment, remembering a time when he was that shy about singing. He stopped playing and hit his hand against the strings to stop the sound. he grabbed her chin and looked her in the eye. 

"I can't hear you," he explained, smiling at her. "You don't have to be afraid it's just me."

It's just me, but who are you? She thought to herself.

She froze at the gentle touch of his fingertips on the her skin. It gave her butterflies in her stomach though that was nothing compared to the smile he gave her which was even more insignificant when matched with the look in his eye. 

He gave her strength, and so she swallowed her nervousness, closed her eyes and sang. 

She sang through the first two verses and Seth joined her for the chorus, their voices matching in perfect harmony.

"You have a great voice," he explained to her. 

"Thank you," she mumbled nervously. 

"We should sing together more often," he suggested. "What other songs do you know?" He held my guitar up, slipping his pick through his fingers gently. 

There was something about her voice that made his body tremble as he played. He could hear his heartbeat through the vibration of the strings as he played. He felt my fingers tremble for a few moments and just swallowed hard for a moment to get it to stop. She was so gentle yet she had a very empowering voice. Maybe she couldn't play anything, but she sure could sing. Maybe even better than he could.
She felt at ease with Seth, though her heart wouldn't rest. It was easy when he played gently just to sit and listen and when they had sang together it felt... nice.

He played another song on the guitar and they sang together like the first time.

"We sound good together." He said, as he played the final note.

"You're right," She replied.

She looked up then at where we had left Elinor and Noah but they weren't there anymore. They were nowhere, actually.

"It's getting late," Seth said, watching me look for Elinor. "Maybe I should walk you home?"

She nodded, "Please."

He picked up his guitar and they started towards campus.

The End

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