Two Unusual Friends

Chapter 2

Seth had his guitar case in hand and I was sitting at the bottom of the hill chewing on a blade of grass mourningly. He was far ahead on me and I wasn't going to follow him. He turned around and asked me if I was coming and I shook my head. He continued up the hill and I just stayed at the bottom of the hill, wiggling my thumbs and looking out at the road in search for any blond who could possibly walk through my sight. None.

• ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ •

Seth reached the top of the hill, ready to practice his guitar. He looked back to see that Noah still hadn't followed him. They were in a band together, so they were going to practice one of their songs, yet Noah still never helped him out. 

Seth figured that the peak would be the best place to practice, but it ended up that there were other people there too. Two girls actually. One with dark black hair that looked Japanese, and another with dark brown hair who was puffing smoke from a cigarette. She didn't look to enthused and the other looked quite upset. 

"Excuse me," Seth muttered, butting into their conversation. "Are you okay?" 

"What do you want?" The brunette asked, sounding a tad bit rude, but yet it had a lazy lag to it. 

"I'm just seeing if your friend's okay," Seth mumbled to her, feeling a little bit uncomfortable, feeling he had butt into the wrong conversation. 

"I'm fine," The girl mumbled softly, looking down at her feet, the brunette looking at him roughly.

"See she's fine," The Brunette growled. "Curiosity kills the cat, or did you not know that?" She laid down in the grass and continued smoking. 

"So?" Seth asked her plainly, inhaling the fumes of her cigarette. He chocked on the air for a moment. "Who are you two anyways?"

"Elinor," The brunette grumbled, pointing towards herself. Then she moved her finger to the other girl. "Lyric."

"Seth," He introduced, pointing towards himself, joining in the game. He sat down on the ground and pulled out his guitar, determined to practice a little bit before the sun went down. It seemed too rude to run away after they were just formally introduced. 

He started strumming and the sound came out a little out of tune. He attempted tuning it by ear, but didn't have much luck. He looked up to see Lyric watching his every movement. He laughed to himself and gave it a fourth try. Still no luck. 

"Dude, your good, but gimme it for minute," Elinor grinned, stomping her cigarette into the grass. Seth handed it over to her, second guessing himself every swift movement of his arms. 

She grabbed it and started playing a few master licks down the frets with ease. She played even more difficult chords, Seth watching her deeply with some interest. He knew he couldn't do that even if he tried, but he wished that he could. 

"Where did you learn that?" He asked. 

"My brother," She mumbled. 

"Can you play anything else?" 

"Not really. I guess if I were given sheet music, I could learn other stuff . . . never really thought about it though."

"I didn't know you could play," Lyric said quietly.

"Well I can," She told her, handing Seth back his guitar. "What you played was great," She said, looking back over at Seth and handing back his guitar.

"Thanks," He mumbled. 

After a few moments of random small words Elinor finally called back in, "So Seth... Do tell us about yourself."

He stopped for a moment and thought threw past events that wouldn't get him upset. 

Well," he started, a little puzzled of how he should tell his tale. "Me and a few of my friends have a band.  We may even be able to get a record deal. Both of my parents had something to do with music in the past. Like my father was a vocalist in a garage band, and my mother played the guitar. She tried to teach me all that I know and that's why I took it up. And i guess thats all about me that matters. Tell me about yourself."

"There's not much to know about me," Elinor told him. "I'm not a very nice person. You should stay away from me if you know what's good for you." She grinned and stood up, wiping grass off her pants. "Anyway, you're in a band. Awesome." 

If your as bad as you say you are then why does she hang out with you?" He asked, even thought it was probably none of his business.

"She was my first friend," She said softly, not looking at Seth in the eyes. 

• ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ • ♪ •

I made my way wearily up the hill to the peak finally. Sitting on the edge of the street made me look too much like a bum and I didn't like myself to have that image. 

"Hi guys" I mumbled in a freaky cartoon voice I heard in one of my dad's old videos. I waddled over to Seth before falling down again next to him, hitting my nose against his guitar. "I've seen you finally scored big bro!" 

"Are you drunk?!" Seth asked me, his eyes wide. 

"Wha..." I asked him, playing drunk since i was pretty convincing. "No."

He looked at me strangely with his 'I don't believe you Noah.' 

I looked over and saw a girl who looked a little flustered and muttering about not having a cigarette. I reached into my pocket slightly from the grass and tossed a box at her. She looked at me oddly and I smiled at her. She grimaced and turned her head away. Then I spotted a shy girl who looked pretty cute. I rolled over to her and flashed her a smile. 

"So you got a boyfriend?" I asked, motioning my eyebrows at her. She looked a little afraid for a moment. Seth thumped me in the back of the head and I just ignored him, waiting for her answer.

That's your brother?" Elinor muttered to Seth quietly. "Why's he such a jerk?"

"I heard that," I said.

"Good." Elinor said, glaring at me as she lit up a cigarette. "And leave Lyric alone, she isn't interested in imbeciles like you. Man, what kinda cigarettes are these, they're disgusting."

"Why are you smoking it then?" I asked.

"Why are you still here?" She glared. "Didn't I tell you to leave her alone?"

"I don't answer to people I don't know."

"Well Noah, why don't you turn around and go back to wherever the hell you came from?"

The End

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