Moving In

Chapter 1

"Room sixteen," Seth read off of the paper that he got from housing while I was off running around campus stalking girls. Hence - I didn't both to go to housing and get a room for the school year. He hung up a sign that read 'Roommate Wanted!'. 

"What? I'm  not your roommate?" I asked him roughly. He looked at me with his wide eyes. 

"Of course not," He answered.

He opened the door and I followed him inside to find an almost empty room with a television in the corner, a dresser, a desk with a chair, and a bunk bed. The walls were white and there was only one small window. His room was in the Co-Ed dorm. 

"Can I at least bunk with you for a while?" I asked him, stuffing my hands down  into my pocket. He narrowed his eyebrows at me. "At least until you get a roommate."

"Why don't you just go to housing?" 

"It's noon," I pointed out, sticking out my arm which had and pointed to the watch that rested on my wrist. "Housing isn't open anymore."

"It's your fault," He grunted, setting down his bags on the bottom bunk of the bed, taking out his clothes and setting them next to him. He set up his alarm clock on the side table and set the alarm for it.

I set down my bags by the door. The only things I pulled out of mine we're my videos which I set conveniently on a shelf by the small television. Seth looked over at me and sighed.

"Noah!" He yelled, grabbing my attention suddenly almost making me drop all the disks onto the floor. "Why did you bring those?"

"If I get bored in the middle of the night," I muttered. 

"I think you were adopted," Seth grunted. 

"Your funny," I teased, setting the last of my videos on the shelf. Seth put his clothes into the drawers and set up his laptop on the desk. "Can we go do something soon?"

"Your bored already?" Seth asked me, looking a little skeptical. 

"Yes," I whined. "Watching you put your clothes away is a bore. I want to talk to girls."

"Then go!" He growled. "I have other things I want to do. Classes start tomorrow. I want to be ready." 

"Your no fun," I grumbled. "Ever since Jenny broke up with you you've been so glum and such a fun sucker." I walked over to him and looked at him with wide eyes, pouting my lip like I dog. He slammed his fist back. 

I fell backwards and rubbed my slightly aching nose. 

"Fine!" I muttered, sounding stuffy. "I'll go." 

The End

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