Without You, I’m Nothing

woke up every morning,
my lips on your cheek,
a sleepy smile and the
chase began;

as i ran towards the invisible goal,
it seemed so far away,
yet i ran  for years and years,
expecting it to be near, but getting fooled again and  again;

i should have stopped,
maybe i should have listened to you,
as i kept  running towards it,
i slowly faded away from your memories,
every minute  and every second;

now as i stand in the middle,
exhausted, tired and clueless,
i turn  around to see how far i have come,
and all i see is emptiness;

lonely, scared and plagued by indecision,
I stand here in the middle of  nowhere,
not sure of which way to go?

should i leave it all and go forward?
or should i stay here, hoping you  would catchup with me?
or should i take the long walk back home to be with  you?

far away from what i know,
running towards what i do not know,
wondering if i will ever see you again,
Without You, I’m  Nothing.

The End

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