Without You

About Two Brothers who come from a musically inclined family.


The skies fluttered through my view out of the window. High up in the sky, breaking through the air barrier. Goodbye old home town. The town I grew up in. The old monkey bars on the playground. The area of where I broke my arm. The small house on the corner. Sunday mornings sitting in the living room listening to mom strum on her guitar. The light seeping through the glass of the window. The old school house that we grew up in, feeling like it was always a prison from the summer. 

All of this now seemed like a sepia tones on old withered photographs. I waved goodbye out the window as my brother sat next to me, head filled with music from his i-Pod, eyes fixed on a magazine. One of dad's old Rolling Stone magazines to be exact. I had my i-Pod stuffed in my bag which i had put up on the overhead above us. 

He had been awfully quite ever since the incident. I don't think he'll ever be quite the same ever again. He used to be like me, somewhat obnoxious, over spoken, fun loving and reckless. But ever since what happened with Ricky he hasn't spoken to me. He actually stopped bugging me about listening to the new songs that he wrote for her. 

Being brothers in a band he always let me hear his new songs first before any of the other guys did. I didn't really mind it, it brought out his sensitive side which came from my mother. Along with us in the band was Elliot Teeter and Tucker Ferenczi. Tucker was the son of one of dad's old friends, and Elliot was our cousin. Tucker was the only member of the band that wasn't family.

Ricky used to be the drummer in our band. 

We were now riding off to a new big city, where Seth and i would be attending a college. He would be a Senior and I'd be a Junior since our old university transferred us so we would keep our progress. 

I wasn't sure what this new city would be like, I'd never lived in a city before now. Elliot and Tucker sat behind us, everyone listening to music. This new city would also offer us more of a chance to get big in the music industry. I could only hope for the best. 

The End

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