Somehow Maidie managed to lead me back into the carriage and the rest of the trip was in silence.

I'd never seen someone die before. Yes, in virtual reality and mersies I'd seen hundreds, thousands of villainous enemies falling, but even with the best graphics, it simply didn't compare.

I almost wanted to cry. But the realization that I did disgusted me so much that I managed to hold the feeling down, staring out the window.

I hated this time. What kind of self-respecting government executed the innocent, and the poor? Revolting.

My hands were shaking. I put it down to my Devol withdrawal.

When the carriage finally rolled to a stop a ridiculously dressed footman opened the door, ushering Maidie and I towards the entrance of a huge castle. 

I was too emotionally affected to take a good look at it, but what I did notice was a ridiculous flamboyance. Everything was gilded and carved and sculpted. 

There was something of a grand announcement as the Verisat walked into the castle, and I shuffled in behind them with my head down.

We were led into an ornate throne room, and a manly old woman looked down at us from her golden seat.

"Her highness, Queen Elizabeth I of England!"

I resisted the urge to scowl back at her as her strict gaze swept over me. 

"Welcome, your holinesses." she said in a dry voice, her skepticism almost too obvious, "Thank you for accepting our humble invitation."

"It was our honour." Sher replied courteously, bowing her head.

"Indeed." the queen replied, studying Sher, "Who knew the angels would be of such...variety?"

Sher's eyes flared with anger.

"Heaven is not home to such bigotry as England, your highness."

The court seemed to gasp and even I could tell that talking to the queen like that was a no-no.

"Fascinating." Elizabeth droned, "You will be led to your rooms. I do hope you will join us for supper."


We have to get out of here.

Sher sighed in exasperation, looking up from her tinkering briefly.

I'm working on it, okay?

Uriel ran a hand over his masked face.

Maybe if you hadn't insulted the queen we wouldn't be in such a hurry. 

The tinkering stopped momentarily.

I get it, okay? Hair.

He pulled her choppy bangs back from her face.

Who knows what we've done to the time stream? We might go back to the future only to find that we don't have one.

I listened to them bickering over the comms, surprised I hadn't been shut out. I guess they were beyond caring what I heard by then. 

Mercy was sitting, sharpening a knife, and Celeste appeared to be reading a bible.

They were all on edge. I couldn't blame them. It seemed like the queen would expose us any second and chop all our heads off.

If we didn't die from bacterial exposure first, that is.

The End

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