"Ha. Very funny." I muttered, getting myself another look.

"You should be in your room." Maidie pointed out, "So don't comment on my sense of humour."

"Sorry." I managed, "I'm only here because Celeste was asleep."

"Figured as much." she sighed, "You should go back, before she worries herself to death."

I shuffled back towards the door, not in the mood to be defiant.

"Oh and Preston?" she offered as I left, "Try not to get yourself near-disintegrated again."

"I won't." I mumbled, continuing on without looking back at her undoubtedly mischievous expression.

As soon as I left the room I ran right into someone, catching them before they could hit the ground.

I noticed the green dress with its gold thread and the long head of fairy-like red hair before the stranger moved from me, apologizing profusely and averting her grey eyes to the ground.

Mary Tudor.

"I...should be the one apologizing, your highness." I assured, bowing, "That was clumsy of me."

"No," she replied, looking anxious, "Please rise. I should not have been roaming the halls at such an hour, but I had difficulty sleeping and hoped to consult their holinesses."

I gave her an apologetic look. 

"I'm afraid that they are rather occupied." I said quite honestly, "But I will have them consult you as soon as possible."

"Thank you." she smiled, her attention turning to the cigarette in my hand, "If I could be so bold, what is it that you are holding?"


"It...is an incense. The scent has healing properties."

She held out her small hand in question.

"May I?"

I could see no immediate way out of the hole I had dug, so I handed her the Devol. 

She waved it around in curiosity,  breathing in the smoke.

"My," she coughed, handing it back, "I am no doctor but that did not smell like healing."

"It's rather strong." I explained quickly, dropping it behind my back and grinding it under my foot.

"I apologize," Mary started, "But I don't believe we were properly introduced. You are?"

"...their holinesses' ward." I explained, "They are cleansing me of sin so that I may be suitable to proclaim the name of the Lord when salvation falls upon us all."

I had no idea what I had just said, but Mary seemed to have understood some of it.

"How fascinating," she mused, "And here I thought you were their prisoner."

She smiled a clever smile and gave a small curtsy.

"Good night, and may God bless you." she said sweetly, walking off into another part of the castle. 

I was too dumbfounded to do anything, but when I regained my senses I stumbled back to my room. Celeste was still asleep. 

The End

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