The man was mumbling some kind of welcome and something else about the rich history of the castle but I was too busy looking around to notice.

The ceilings were surprisingly high, and the place was decorated quite nicely.

Tapestries hung from the walls and long rugs lay on the floor. 

Another man dressed similarly to the one leading us appeared, holding open two huge doors with a flourish.

"Presenting now, His Grace the Duke of Suffolk!"

I looked up to see a chubby, bearded man walk into the room, and noticed awkwardly that my companions were bowing at the waist. To keep from standing out too much I did the same, straightening up quickly and somewhat painfully.

"No need to bow to me, friend!" his voice boomed, "You are very welcome here!"

"Thank you...Your Grace." I stuttered, using the title the other man had.

"Please, let us leave the formalities. Do join me for lunch." he motioned discreetly to Lilith and Ronald, "Please compensate these kind peasantfolk for their troubles."

He turned and started walking back to where he came from and I, somewhat confused, followed.

We emerged into a dining hall, even larger than the foyer. A long, solitary table sat in the middle, lined with at least a hundred chairs and filled with platters.

"I hope that my humble abode is suitable for a being of your stature. Your companions will be joining us shortly."

He cleared his throat and one of his servants hurried to open the doors.

"Presenting, Their Holinesses the Angels of the Lord!"

It sufficed to say that I was a bit shocked to see the Verisat walk into the room, all dressed in white robes, with some strange aura radiating from them. Cheap parlour trick, probably. 

Sher pointed at me accusatorily.

"Who is this man, Charles Brandon?"

Her voice sounded strange, like multiple voices talking at once. 

The Duke looked anxiously from me to Sher.

"He was brought to me just now. Is he not of your party?"

"No!" she roared, "This is only a man, and a man of sin!"

"My-my humble apologies," he stumbled in reply, "I will have him executed-"

"You will not!" Sher continued, "We will cleanse the sinner! He will be shown Salvation!"

Her grey eyes burned into mine as she walked-no, floated- over and put her hand on my forehead.

It grew cold, strangely enough, and I realized much too late that I had been drugged. 

The End

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