I woke up to find myself in a small room with two benches, but felt myself being jostled every few seconds.

The woman I had seen earlier was sitting across from me, dressed in slightly better-looking clothing.

"Where are we?" I demanded, poking my hand out of a window with no pane, "What is this?"

She laughed, making the corners of her eyes crinkle.

"You're in a carriage, sir. On your way to the Duke's manor."

She continued to talk after seeing my blank expression.

"Your arrival is quite a momentous occasion, and His Excellency will likely wish to commemorate it."

What the actual hell.

"I don't think you understand," I started, "I don't really belong here."

The woman nodded, waving a hand to dismiss my explanation.

"Your companions already explained the circumstances. Quite a miracle, I must say."

She hesitated a moment before continuing.

"Did He tell you anything about me?"


"The Lord, of course." she laughed, "The Good Shepherd?"

Sounded like something Celeste would be blabbing about.

"Uh....eat, drink and be merry?"

The old lady laughed again, working to plait her hair.

"Sounds fitting enough." She paused, and held out a hand, "I don't believe I've properly introduced myself. Lilith Goodwin. Ronald's my husband of about fifteen years."

I shook her hand, getting an amused look for it.

"Er, congratulations?"

Lilith sighed comically.

"He is often an aggravating man, but he has a good heart. Now, you may want to take your hand out of the window."

I did so rapidly, gazing out in curiosity.

We were moving along on a crudely-paved road, amid rolling fields dotted with the occasional house. 

The sky was blue. Even bluer than it had been in the fake forest. The air smelled strange, a combination of the same wet earthy smell from the forest and dung.

God it was horrible.

"What are those?" I asked suddenly, pointing to some huge beasts grazing.

"They're cows." Lilith chuckled, "My, the clouds must obscure quite a bit of the world, no?"

I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.


"Don't sound so unsure of yourself," she soothed, "You'll adjust to human culture in no time."

It was official. She was crazy. 

The End

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