"Done." Sher said suddenly, before turning stock still.

"Get down!" she yelled quickly afterwards, barely having time to follow her own orders before a beam shot over our heads.

"Security countermeasures." she snorted, putting down the metal panel, "Now, who wants to go first?"

Mercy pointed to me.

"He's expendable."

"True." Sher chuckled, taking off her goggles and cloth to replace them with a mask, "Now don't just sit there dawdling, go through the damn tube."

I looked at the large tunnel-like opening in the hill behind her, especially the rusted metal lining it. Looked hazardous.

"What if I don't want to-"

Mercy slung the bag I was in off her back, walked the few steps to the tube, and pitched me into the darkness before I could argue.

"Don't look back." I heard Celeste saying, "Keep walking."

I struggled out of the bag, stretched my aching limbs and started to stumble forwards in the darkness.

My shoe squelched into something wet every so often and the only sound I could hear was that of water dripping.

Suddenly the walls around me started to hum unnaturally, and I felt my steps quicken.

A light at the end of the tunnel blared into my vision, and I tried to turn away.

This time Sher reprimanded me.

"You'll disintegrate if you keep that up! Keep. Fucking. Walking!"

I shut my eyes and continued my journey, unable to control my breathing.

Any second I was sure I'd spontaneously combust, or get electrocuted or the tunnel would collapse on me.

It was strange, how I realized that whenever I was absolutely certain that I was going to die, I wanted nothing more than to live. I called out in my mind to Celeste's ridiculous gods, any 'higher powers' to save me.

I promised to myself that if I lived I would change. 

Change how, I didn't know, but some way I would, some way I had to.

My hands, outstretched, suddenly brushed against something. 

A wall. A dead end.

When I dared to open my eyes the light burned into my eyes, making fiery red patterns swirl in my vision.

I couldn't control it any longer. 

I turned around and ran. 

The End

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