Pressure bags were built to contain various gases in their linings that, as a result, made the load lighter for the carrier.

Being the cargo wasn't quite as enjoyable, as my unmoving body was forced into fetal position by the size of the sac and the fabric was impressively rough against my skin.

I didn't seem to be losing consciousness properly either. Whether that was a mistake or a decision, you can choose.

It was genuinely strenuous sitting, curled up in that space with no control over my limbs and a foreboding feeling growing in the pit of my stomach.

Why hadn't I died? I'd heard the high-pitched whine of the Bolt warming up, and I knew it had delivered a more-than-fatal beam of pure energy through my spine, but I hadn't felt any of it.

Mercy had said there was something wrong with me...but what?

My hands tingled and I felt some feeling returning to them.

I managed to, as stealthily as possible, undo the zipper a bit from the inside so that I could peek out into the world.

Mercy had just climbed into what I knew to be a bullet elevator and pressed a button on the controls.

Even though I braced myself, I still wasn't quite prepared for the amount of pressure on my head and neck as we shot upwards at the speed of sound.

About a split-second later the door slid open and Mercy ran out along a huge tree branch that had been sawed into a flat surface towards Celeste.

They both shared a look and grabbed the curved metal constructs hanging on thick wires above their heads, before running forwards on the platform in unison and jumping off.

The only reason I wasn't screaming like mad was because my mouth wasn't quite under my control. Air whipped through my hair as we flew above miles of trees and streams and lush green foliage.

We were so high up that various birds were flying at the same altitude, gliding easily after a few flaps of their gigantic wings. 

The End

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