"Impulse." I offered, only because I had no idea what it was, "Maidie, can I ask you something?"


"What kind of information did Sher want when she kidnapped me? Maybe I know something and-"

"-you don't." she sighed, "They put the sodium ilevate formula in your blood, and you didn't say anything about what they asked you. That stuff is pretty decisive, let me tell you."

"Tell me." I insisted, "I'm going to die anyways."

She sighed, looking at me with disappointment.

"What happened to your 'so long as I have my shit I don't give a damn about the world' policy?"

"Maidie," I pleaded, "Give me a chance. I might know someone who knows something! I might have the resources to find out."

"Fine. Those mass murders?" she started, "The Verisat had nothing to do with them. There's something messed up going on. I don't know what."

Great. So they'd expected me to be able to cough up evidence proving them innocent for something they did.

"That's ridiculous." I muttered, earning myself a glare.

"I would slap you, but you're going to be dying within the next hour anyways. Watch where you tread."

And then she stalked off, her crimson mane shimmering in the late sun like the plumage of an exotic bird.

Wow. She had changed, to say the least.

The End

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