As soon as I got back to the village, I threw up in a clay pot.

The clones were recycled? Recycled

I could have been exposed to already-used...No. Celeste was a fool.

With all of her talk of 'love' and 'faith'...made sense too.

It made no sense for me to trust any of the people in the camp. My state of distress was what had made me weak to her ridiculous slander against corporations.

Yes, yes. That was it.

Overlord found me and raised an eyebrow at my lack of composure.

"Are you quite sane?" 

No! No, I wasn't sane! Sher was right, when she brought me to this place!

It was hell!

"Of course I am, but I can't say the same for you." I hissed, hitting my cuffs against a wall angrily.

I wanted to make him angry. I wanted him to beat me within an inch of my life, or better yet, out of it completely. The sunlight felt too bright. It burned my eyes and only served as a reminder as to the horror I had just seen in the cave. 

Ignorant bliss was far better than an agonizing reality.

"I don't see what you mean." he said calmly, inspecting his nails.

"You're a crazy bastard!" I insisted, getting more and more frustrated as his face remained emotionless.

"Stop trying to affect me." Overlord said in a bored voice, "I'll have you know I don't have any emotions."

"That's ridiculous." I spluttered, wondering if he really was crazy.

He leaned back against the wall, smirking.

"Would you like an explanation or prefer to continue on in your little bubble of disbelief? I don't possess any fear or paranoia to stop me."

I could use a life without emotion.

"Tell me, then."

Overlord looked off into the distance, his face as empty as ever.

"I was a neuroscientist. Part of my studies included the sections of the brain responsible for feeling. As a venture in the name of science, I experimented on my own mind and managed to send those processes into dormancy."

He smiled eerily before continuing.

"As you can see, it worked wonderfully. The moral of the story is that I happen to be a perfect soldier and not to be held morally responsible if you happen to get yourself burned by the fire I toy with."

Was that some kind of threat? I payed it no mind regardless and chose to question the madman instead.

"Why did you join the Verisat? Last I checked, scientists were paid more than terrorists."

I was sure I detected a hint of melancholy in his face but it quickly dissipated.

"Emotions drive us to do strange things. They give us the chance to live, and they kill us as soon as we do. The world is one big, cruel joke...and nobody can ever know the punchline."

Great, so it was philosophy night or something and I was the only person not getting any of it.

"I don't know about the world," I interjected, "But you're a pretty big joke as far as I can see."

Overlord chuckled, and then he pointed to a low building a few yards from us.

"Go, see if the people inside need you to do any work for them. And don't do anything stupid."

He turned on his heel and strode off, his strange dark cloak billowing around him.

I sighed and started to make my way toward the building, only to be interrupted by the sight of a young man smoking by the entrance into one of the huts.

My body suddenly had a very strong craving for the Devol that I could smell billowing into the air around me, and I walked up shamelessly.

"Could I have a smoke?" I asked.

The smoker looked up and I very nearly fell over.

As if one reunion here at the camp hadn't been enough. 

The End

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