"Damn, he really doesn't know anything."

"He's trying to fool us. We have to keep trying."

"You're going just a bit over the top. You've got a bloody personal vendetta against this snivelly jackass."

"Don't pretend to know what he did to me."

"Good Lord...Celeste, get in here and take care of your girlfriend!"

I opened my eyes groggily at the extensive noise only to start fully awake. 

Multiple curses fell from my lips as I noticed the snakes coiling and uncoiling around my arms. 

I did my best to shake them off, only to watch them turn suddenly into spiders.

"Looks like the hallucinations are kicking in." the dark-haired one laughed, shaking her head in amusement.

"Sher," my past clone interjected, "If you leave him like this he could die-"

"-Isn't that what you want?" 

I was too busy watching the maggots writhing in my arm to notice when another syringe emptied itself in my shoulder.

"There, shithead, you're cured! Mercy, I don't want you alone with him again."

The clone looked bothered but nodded her head respectfully and walked with 'Sher' to the elevator.

"Wait!" I yelled, "You can't...just leave me here!"

"Watch me!" Sher yelled, but Mercy looked at her a moment and whispered something in her ear.

"Fine." she muttered after a while, "You do the moving."

Mercy untied me from the chair and forced me to my feet, shoving me along back toward the opening.

"Mind the gap." Sher snickered, as I stepped from the tree to the wooden platform.

We were a good hundred feet from the ground, and all I could see when I looked down was lush green.

It was enough to drive an educated city man mad.

Our descent felt like it took just about forever. The wind whipping through my then-sweat-soaked hair didn't feel too nice either.

Even the wind here was different. Where the air in my house would gently caress your cheek, this wind stung like a slap in the face.

The sky, too, looked odd from what of it I could actually see through the ridiculously thick canopy of trees. It looked blue, like it was in the old paintings I'd seen in my lessons.

I wondered briefly if it was because of some kind of pollution, and laughed at the thought. Inferior America didn't have enough money to cause that much pollution in the first place.

When we finally reached the ground Mercy shoved me off the platform and clicked a metal cuff around each one of my wrists.

"Try fighting, and your hands get sliced off." Sher explained, clicking two more on each of my feet, "Try running, and your feet do."

I didn't bother trying to hide the horror on my face.

"You're just like the news says! Barbaric savages!"

Mercy's lips curled into a snarl and she nearly launched herself on me, but someone held her back.

The stranger, who happened to have chestnut brown hair and full red lips, turned the clone to face her and whispered something soothing to her.

Mercy moved suddenly and before I knew what was happening she and the attractive brunette were passionately eating each other's faces off.

Sher had already disappeared somewhere so I just stood there, not really wanting to watch but unable to look away at the same time.

The clone was triumphant in her actions. Her eyes flitted to me occasionally, shooting bitterness wordlessly. 

She was putting on a show.

Her partner was somewhat hesitant and eventually managed to push her gently off, gesturing toward me and shaking her head in an amused disapproval.

It was rather embarrassing for me when I realized that my face had grown warm and my insides were buzzing.

Dream programming had yet to reach such a state of...stimulating material.

The brunette walked over to me and reached out a hand.

"Sorry about that. I'm Celeste."

Mercy scoffed, pulling her back with a hand around her wrist.

"He's a fucking prisoner of war, Moonshine. Don't try your 'making friends' routine on him."

Celeste smiled and turned to me.

"'For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.' Matthew chapter six, verses fourteen to fifteen."

"Is that...from the Bible?" I laughed, surprised that a terrorist was looking to an archaic book of nonsense that had long gone out of print.

"All words hold truth for me, Mr. Smith. Maybe you should try looking for it sometime."

She took Mercy's arm and the two walked off somewhere, chatting about something called Air is Totle.

I was much too befuddled to eavesdrop any further. I found myself a patch of fairly clean grass and lay down to try and sleep the drugs off. 

The End

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