She looked remarkably strange-not only was her hair a dusky black, but her skin was the colour of milky tea. Her eyes were grey like I knew the sky to be through the television, and her features looked harsh and unrefined.

“I thought you would never come out of your hidey-hole, you little piece of shit.” She chuckled, stepping towards me, “Now come over here so I can get this over with.”

My hands were shaking, for some reason. It had been a long time since I had seen a real person, and been spoken to with such audacity.

“You...you have to leave,” I managed to say, swallowing on a dry throat, “You don’t b-belong here.”

This girl wasn’t like the clones. She didn’t dote on my every word or submit to my will unasked, but laughed in my face.

“I wouldn’t want to belong here if you paid me to,” she spat, pulling down her sleeve to reveal a swirling tattoo on her forearm, “I’m Verisat, bastard.”

Verisat? One of the terrorists!

I put my fingers to my ear, prepared to call the police, but I heard something whiz past my head and found blood spilling out of a cut on the back of my hand.

Blood. Pain. It hurt.

And it didn’t feel a thing like it felt in the virtual reality.

“You’ve hurt me!” I shrieked, “This-this is against the law!”

“Suck it up, I’m just getting started.”

Just then I noticed that there was some kind of powder where the knife had cut me. I had been...drugged.

My eyes rolled back in my head and I blacked out onto the sterilized ground.


From what I knew of the Verisat, they were a radical group of religious anarchists and some rebels from the dirt-poor regions of Inferior America. All they wanted was to cause chaos and hurt the Superior American legacy.

Some even believed that New Japan and the Soviet Empire were funding them.

A war was on the horizon. The only question was between who, and when it would happen.

Inferior America couldn’t possibly face its counterpart alone. It was full of civil unrest and food conflicts, not to mention disease. A starving continent couldn’t face a superpower.

But with the aid of either (or both) of the Asian territories, they could become a threat.

Superior America had foreseen the dangers of strong opposition in the East several years ago. That was when the Import Boycott was enacted and all ties to the barbarian lands cut.

Unfortunately, the Soviets and Japs hadn’t taken the message and decided to start investing into their militaries.

Naturally, political tensions grew and Superior America left the United Nations. The council only had three seats in it, anyways.

And then the Soviet Empire and New Japan signed their alliance, and gave Inferior America the freed seat.

That had been the final straw. 

The End

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