Chapter One

Eleven Hours To Go

The alarm clock beside my bed cut through my peaceful dream dragging me kicking and screaming back to reality.  Not literally kicking and screaming but you get the general idea.  I heaved myself out of bed to put on my school uniform.  I managed to put my shirt on inside out and my jumper on backwards so when I looked at myself in the mirror I was looking less than tidy.

After I had re-dressed myself correctly and put on my make-up I went downstairs to grab a piece of toast before I left.  My mum walked in while I was waiting for the toast to come out of the toaster and began fussing over me, complaining my tie was wonky.

'It' fine Mum, I have to go.'  I snatched my dry toast, still hot, from the toaster, gave her a kiss on the cheek and fled out the door.

My journey to school was normal.  I walked to the bus stop and waited for my school bus to pull up and I got on.  I can still remember the funny looks I'd got when I first started going to St. Helen's.  Everyone had started whispering.  No-one had expected the General's daughter to be taking the bus.

That was a downside to having a father most people knew.  My dad had served in the army as soon as he could join up and had progressed through the ranks.  Now, although he wasn't involved in direct fighting, he advised the government on matters concerning war or armaments and was often seen on TV or in the newspaper.

Luckily that hadn't stopped me from fitting in.  When everyone had gotten over the novelty of having me around I was treated like just any other kid.  I'd also managed to get a best friend.  Her name was Julie and she couldn't have cared less about who my parents were and that was what I liked about her.  I met her as I got off the bus when I arrived at school.

'Ready for another day of life enrichment and exciting new experiences?'  She was always so cheerful.

'And here was I thinking we were just going to school.'  We laughed and walked up into the main building.

The End

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