Within these Ice Coated Eyes

    Do I really love you? Or do I just put up with you and your crap because I can't even bare to think of hurting you? Only I know the answer to these questions, not even you can learn the answer. I cover my true eyes from you to protect what heart of mine remains. If only you could see into them, then you could find the answer that you seek. I am bound to you in ways that others may not understand, but I have broken those chains. I am no longer at your service, I no longer lust after you. My chains that tied me to you never meant i loved you, it is there that you were mistaken.

   My arms try to pull you in, my hands tend to seek yours. My lips part for you and my feet draw me towards you. But can you not see? My eyes scream and thrash at me to turn away. My heart refuses to function when you are present. Your heart doesn't match the jagged edges that run down the middle of my heart. You are not my other half so why did we persist? You must seek the answers on your own for I will not reveal them to you. I am done being the monster I once was, but I will not tell you the answers you seek no matter how badly you beg. So do you truly believe that you love me? Do you really believe that I love you? Don't give me your look of sorrow and misery. Look into my eyes and find the answers that you seek.

    But the question that I confront you with now is... Do you even understand what love truly is, I know i do not.  And will you take the risk of looking into these Ice Coated Eyes of mine? Will you accept your fate willingly?

The End

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