Within these Fire Covered Eyes

Fire covers the eyes of one, but within those flames lies the truth that one has so long sought. Yet Ice also covers the eyes of this person, to protect the heart from the evil that another being presents. But to seek the answers they want, they must look into the eyes of Fire and Ice, then may they find the truth and answers.

     If only you could see past these fire covered eyes of mine then maybe you could see how much I really miss you. Behind these eyes of mine lays the truth that you have so longed sought from me. My mouth will not part to form the words required and my hands do not wish to obey the commands I have given them. But within me is what you seek, on the outside it may seem like I'm slowly beginning to hate you or push you away. Things are not as they seem though, that is the last thing I would want to do to you. Because when the time arises I'll pull you behind me and defend you from all that threatens you.

   Do you not believe me? Well then take a look into my eyes. Hate, sorrow, lust, and confusion cover my eyes, but can you see past these? Do you see the true eyes of mine that long to be found by you? Do you know what they long for? They cry out for you to look deep down within them to see into my heart and know the truth.

   Only now my arms push you away and my mouth closes itself off from you, my feet turn away as my legs try to move me away. But please just take a look into my eyes, look past the fire that coats them. Find the truth within my heart, know that I want to tell you but cannot bring my mortal self to tell you. Know that my arms long to hold you, my lips long to feel yours again. Know that my feet don't want to turn away, my legs wish to bring me closer. Although they want these things, they continue to try to run away. Now the question I ask you is... Will you take the risk of gazing into these fire covered eyes of mine?

The End

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