A strange friendship

As Patrick devoured the feast that had been provided, all thoughts of showing his toughness to the dragon evaporated. He had not realized just how much in need of food he was - children hardly ever do when they are focused on something.

The dragon stayed in a corner and pretended not to watch the boy eat. He knew that Patrick was a proud person; he understood that. He too was proud - proud of being a dragon, proud of his heritage, proud of his name. Uladighn. He smiled to himself as he remembered Patrick's first attempt at pronouncing it. They had agreed on 'Ula' as a compromise. Patrick, on the other hand, would  not have his name shortened.

'I am no Pat or Paddy! Those names are weak. My name was chosen for its strength and I intend to honor it. You'll see, Ula, I'll be one of the region's greatest warriors before long,' Patrick had explained. The dragon had nodded wisely in agreement. That had been the first day of their friendship.

To anyone looking in, they must have looked like a strange pair - a blond 12-year-old boy and a large dragon. People might have been curious as to how each of them found their way into the cavern. But people did not see them. Nobody climbed up to the cavern. Why would they? They did not know of its existence.

The End

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