Within a Dream?Mature

Being held captive within a dream unable to escape, what would you do if ther was nothing you could do?

Sebastian was 34 years of age. He was tall, dark and skinny, although you could never tell because of the black jumpsuit and mask than engulfed his features. The 34 year old was on a mission, and he had just reached the address of his next target. Tom lay in bed. His eyes were closed shut but the pupils inside his eyelids were jerking rapidly from side to side. Tom was dreaming, he had no chance of preventing the masked man from entering his house. Sebastian silently climbed the staircase. He stepped onto the landing and raised his hand up to the frame of his targets door. It was at that moment the dog, who had up until that point been sleeping, awoke. However, before the dog could muster a warning bark, it was dead. A small circular hole in its forehead, only 5mm in diameter was all that gave away that the dog was dead, and not asleep. Sebastian holstered his silenced pistol once more, looking disapprovingly at the wepon, he had not hoped for death tonight. Hand rose once more to the door, he pushed gently against it. The door swung open reviling the room’s only occupant. A 12 year old boy by the name of Tom, lying silently asleep in his single bed. Sebastian pulled the chair silently out from under the desk nearby and lay it down parallel to the bedside. He sat. ‘Now Tom’ he whispered in the boys ear, ‘You’re going to do exactly as I say.’ ‘JUMP!’ he whispered, slightly louder this time, and somewhere in the depths of Toms brain, within his dream, Tom jumped.
The End

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