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With the Flash of Lightning is my first published novel. It was published by teen author an imprint of kidpub. Follow Serenity, a foster child who doesn't know her last name move through life. Her most current challenge is living with celebrity Nina Starr. Here's the first chapter as a sneak peak. With the Flash of Lightning can be purchased on amazon or kidpub press

Mantatory Evaluation Journal

Counselor: Randy Lockwood

First name: Serenity

Last name: NA

Journal Topic: What does your name mean to you? What is

your identity? Who do you see yourself as?


Please write in as much detail as possible. This

will help your counselor take care of your needs.

Date all entries. Journal entries will be kept confidential

between the writer and counselor. Be truthful

in entries. They help you reflect and help your

counselor make smooth transitions for you.


Date: Why don’t you figure it out, I’m sick of filling

out these forms.


             There’s going to be a time in your life when you don’t know who you are

and where you came from. You won’t understand why you don’t fit in and

why you’re so different. You will feel like an outsider, the old and torn off

crust of society. For me, that happened when I was five. I had just got placed

in a foster home, had repressed my past few days, and another kid asked what

my name was. “I’m Serenity,” I said proudly.

            It took me just a few minutes when the other kids were introducing themselves

to me that they had last names as well as first names. Why didn’t I have

a last name? Why couldn’t I remember where my parents were, why they

never came home? It was as if I had forgotten them and forgotten who I was.

And ever since then I have spent my life repeating over and over again my

name when I get transferred to foster homes or get switched to new schools.

“I’m Serenity,” I say, embarrassed. I don’t know my last name. I could have

known it if I wanted to. The schools know my name, you know my name, but

it’s too painful to know what I could have been.

           I could have been Serenity Brown and had a younger sister and a pet dog.

My dad would be an insurance man, my mom, a teacher. I could have been

Serenity Smith, Serenity Charles, and the list goes on and on. Right now I’m

just Serenity. I don’t have a last name. I don’t belong to a family. I don’t know

who I am or where I came from. I imagine I did at once. I had a mom and a

dad, and one day they disappeared, and I was too young to remember them. At

least that’s what I say to myself. It’s as if I just popped onto earth all formed

and molded. No family. No identity.

             I’m the present day Annie, or what the movie of Annie had been if happy

endings didn’t exist. I’m the dreamer that wants her wish to come true but has

given up.

              I’m not a daughter, I’m not a sister, I’m not a friend, I’m not a cousin, I’m

not a niece. I’m just Serenity. First name, Serenity. Last Name, NA

The End

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