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I'm straight but wanted to write something from a different angle. Quite dark towards the end so be warned.




Hey P s’up? Parents out on weekend Fancy coming around for gaming night?







 Hey Dave

Sounds good. Around 5 on Saturday?











I turned down the side of the house. Dave’s house was one of those weird houses that used the back door as the front, never really got that, still I headed around the back on knocked on the door. Dave appeared looking positively delectable in a pair of tight green Hawaiian style swimmers. Ever since the heat wave had started a month before, the first to ravage Britain properly in centuries surly, I had believed there was a god and had prayed reverently in thanks for the huge number of topless males and bikini clad females on display around the streets. Dave had emo style blonde hair straightened down over one eye, rather like my own except my hair was black. Dave was the very embodiment of ‘Da twink’. Smooth hairless body, not too muscled by still muscled if you get what I mean and a young looking, seamlessly smooth face. His green eyes were framed by lusciously long lashes that gave him a feminine look. He was jaw droopingly fit.


“Hey Pete what’s up? Ready for my to kick your ass on Call of Duty?”


Well the whole kicking of the ass part sounds interesting, maybe not with your foot eh?


“Hey Dave, you wish I killed your 63 times in 10 minutes last time.”


We walked through Dave’s minimalist, airy house talking about school and girls and food, just like any other pair of 15year olds.


I managed to keep my mind off of the sight beside me as I ravaged my way through a mammoth amount of games, winning them all of course. It got dark and we eat pizza. I was always amazed at how cool Dave was about being constantly beaten, we’d been friends for years and he was the worst gamer I knew. Still his looks made up for it.

We punched a way through some other games and even though night had fallen it remained stiflingly hot in the house. We were both topless but I managed to keep my eyes off of him. He was sooooo mind bogglingly oblivious. Cute really, the whole innocence thing.


We headed up to his room in the early hours of the morning and found his fan had broken, it was an attic room and the skylight let barely any air in. He pulled the camp bed out for me before quickly dropping his trunks and sliding into his bed in his pair of tight, white briefs. I felt a very unwelcome reaction and was glad it was dark. I managed to pull my own shorts off and slide in without him seeing anything tenting my boxers.


We started chatting about all sorts of things, from nasty teachers to who broke up with who. After around half an hour he said “OMG! Did you hear about Tim from English? Apparently he got caught in the back room at that party last week giving head with some guy.” He proceeded to roar with laughter.


Trying not to over react and I laughed along with him, hoping there’d been an opportunity to change the subject. He seemed to sense I was holding back though and I saw the silhouette of his head appear on top of his bed.


“What?” He asked.


“I Dunno. I guess I feel sorry for Tim, he’s a decent guy and you know they’ll tear him apart.”


Dave seemed confused “Sorry are you sticking up for the queer?” I was shocked, Dave hadn’t ever been a homophobe before.


“Yes I am. I’m not a homophobe Dave. I didn’t know you were either!” I said defiantly. Dave hesitated for a while before changing the subject. Things carried on as normal if there was perhaps a slight hint of tension between us and I left early next morning.








I went into school on Monday as normal. As I walked up the steps to the main hall a couple of people called out to me, laughed then walked away. I was confused. It wasn’t until I opened my locker I noticed anything. A leaflet pushed through the grill flapped out. I caught it and gasped in shock. It was a poster, there was a blue sky and a big rainbow with a picture of me taken a year before on it. Underneath a caption read ‘SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY, GET OVER IT”.


My vision went double as I heard someone roaring with laughter. I turned and saw Dave in complete hysterics a little down the line of lockers. My vision flashed red and I walked slowly towards him. He must have seen something because he straightened up and was halfway through “Hey lighten u…” when my fist connected with his jaw. He threw an instinctive punch which I caught. Me knee smashed him in the ribs as my other hand hit him in the jaw. I felt his jaw click and thought it had dislocated as I swept his feet hitting his solar plexus on the way down. He lay, unable to breath squirming in pain while I was dragged away by the small crowd in school early. We both ended up in the heads office. I explained, refusing to even look at him, about the posters. He just muttered that it was a joke. I nearly hit him again. In the end his jaw was only bruised, both our parents were informed and we were both given detention for a month after school.


I spent the rest of the day sat in lessons and breaks without anyone coming close. People laughed openly at me. I walked over to my group of friend’s table at lunch only to have them make excuses and leave. Dave was sat across from me on another table. He looked angry but when three idiots from six-form through jelly at me shouting ‘queer freak’ he had a weird look on his face.





I got home and managed to explain away the phone call from the head teacher to my parents saying I’d got in a fight with Dave because he pulled a stupid prank. Luckily they didn’t ask for details. I wasn’t ready to admit I was bi to them.




Dude, I’m so sorry but I’m confused. It was a joke. Why you react so bad? Just cuz u like the homos?>!?!?!






OMG, dude I’m sorry. I’m not a homophobe the thing with Tim was just funny. I had no idea!



When the entire schools I laughing, throwing names and jelly at you then I’ll forgive you. Until then I believe the term is go screw yourself.







It happened a week after the posters on the Tuesday morning. I was on my way to school when a car pulled up. Two men got out and grabbed me shoving me inside and driving off. I shouted and screamed as panic overwhelmed me. I felt burning pains on my hands and legs as they did something. It hurt too much for me to figure out what they were actually doing. I screamed until I coughed up blood from my poor throat. They pulled my face up form the chair and I saw they all had balaclavas, I tried to blink as one sprayed deodorant in my eyes and I screamed as my eyes burnt. They gagged me and the car pulled up. The driver came around and cried for the whole hour they viscously cut me. I was thrown in the boot and the car pulled off.


I didn’t know if I was screaming or not, I was somewhere dark, fighting unconsciousness when the boot opened. I was only vaguely aware of the burn as I was tossed on the pavement. I figured it must be sometime mid afternoon from how long everything took. I heard some footsteps after a period of time I have no idea how long. Someone pulled me over and I managed to glimpse Dave before my vision blurred. I heard him scream and shout for help. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry Pete! I’m so, so, sorry! Please don’t die! You’re going to be ok!” I heard more voices shouting and collapsed into unconsciousness.






A year later the scars are still there. Three older brothers of boys from school had done it. The British legal system let them off with community service. They had viscously raped me and carved with knifes things like gay, queer and homo into my flesh. The words were written forever on my skin. I was ok friends with Dave. That friendship would never be the same but school had accepted me back after a while. Me and Dave spoke occasionally. Worst of all way on my back, with a penknife they’d written, with thanks to Dave.

The End

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