im supposed to be queen?!Mature

When she felt brave enough to open her eyes she found herself floating in a black void, she began to think about her friends and she saw clips of them back at the school gym, and she was amazed by the fact that the fire that had caused her to disappear had vanished without a trace. She blinked her eyes twice and looked again, this time she saw her friend Sara running around yelling her name and looking for her. When Krysten opened her eyes again she found herself lying on a bed of soft silver moss. She looked up at the sky to find it lit by a beautiful full lavender moon, with more stars than she had ever seen. Krysten stood up, looked around and started walking. To where she had no idea, but one thing she could tell from her surrounds was that where ever she was it was a very beautiful place.

          After walking for what seemed like hours, she finally came up to a fairly big city with a castle looming over in the background. She found herself drifting into a trance over the beauty of it all but a roar from above snapped her out of it. She looked towards where the roar came from and saw a giant winged lizard like creature. She ran in blind fear from the creature and into the busy streets of what looked like the capital city of where ever she was. She kept running when she accidentally ran into someone, whom when they stood up and saw her they bowed and continued on their way. When she finally stopped running she was in front of the royal castle. She took a step back to awe at its beauty when a door opened below her and sucked her in.

 When she came to, she found herself in a very fancy looking bed and with some servant looking after her. When Krysten looked at her, she bowed and left, but not without leaving a change of clothes on the chair beside her bed. She got up and went over to the pile to investigate. What she saw there impressed her beyond words. There were enough riches to dower the queen of England several times over. She found several gowns in various shades of her favourite colours. She downed one of the gowns in a deep shade of red. Krysten walked over to the vanity across from the bed she had woken up on. Her reflection is what has scared her most about this whole ordeal. She found the tips of her hair to be tinted smooth silver. And that her eyes had taken the colour of silvery lavender. She grabbed the adorned golden brush and gingerly stroked the bicolour locks.

When she found herself looking pretty presentable, she left the room and walked down to the grand hall. It was thanks to the classes that she was taking back home the she had found the grand hall in the humongous castle. When she got to the hall she saw the many people where there and that there was nowhere to sit. But something in her gut told her to sit in the exquisite throne on top of a dais covered with a rich ebony carpet much like the very one covering her bedroom floor back home.

As she started to walk down the isle leading to the throne everyone sitting around her stood and in a wave effect bowed as they felt her presence with extraordinary outer senses. All of a sudden Krysten felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end because of their eyes on her person. It felt like an eternity walking to the seat waiting for her. It was the most incredible, softest chair she as ever sat in. it was so comfortable that she actually fell asleep in it. She had no idea how long she had slept in the chair, but she had a pretty good idea that it was over 30 minutes because everyone that was there before she fell asleep was gone.

Suddenly feeling restless, she stood and decided to take a walk around the countryside this time with a guide to make sure she stayed safe. As she wandered looking for someone she could trust, she came upon a beautifully carved door. She snuck up to the door prepared to open it but stopped when she heard that two people were in their talking. Krysten lowered her hand from the knob and listened to the conversation that was currently taking place.

“She does not fit the requirements to be our queen.”

“Yes she does. The prophecy clearly states that the girl must have lost her family at a young age, befriended an elder gypsy and must be recognized by her countrymen as a queen.”

“Yes but it also states that she is to be of immortal age and this girl is not of immortal age.”    

“But you forget that she is 13 and we all know that if your body and soul are ready you can turn at the age 13.”          

“She does not know anything about Spira as the prophecy requires.”

“So she can learn in all do time about Spira and its history.”

          Shocked with what she had just learned, she finally understood what her dreams and the strange man meant. Somehow she was supposed to be this place’s queen.

          She started to run, forgetting what she was doing just running to relieve her of the frustration and fear. She somehow found her way out of the enormous castle with a feeling that she had done this all before. When she got outside she noticed that day was dawning on where ever she was. She stood rooted to the spot by just the very beauty of the early morning light lavender full moon. It was like nothing she had ever seen before back home. And she was lucky enough to see the blue moon rumoured to happen once every thousand years and it was beautiful indeed.

          By the time she had run out of steam it was well into the morning and she had only found her way by what she had learned in the astronomy class she had taken last semester.

          Since she had made a lot of progress she decided to take a well deserved break against a mighty oak that was nearby. Resting against the tree she began to feel slightly dozy and began to fall asleep. Sometime in the morning light a strange man was working towards where the pull on his soul was strongest, what he did not know was that the pull was coming from the young queen’s soul.

          Krysten woke to a fairly loud noise coming from what she thought as the east. She got up and went to investigate. What she found was nothing to what she thought she would find.

There under the heather bushes lied a young man looking to be in his late teens, early twenties. The first thing that caught her eye was his hair, which was a fine combination of golden blonde and a rich mocha. Second, she noticed that the young man had the same body build as the man that had sent her here. Krysten laid her hand on the strangers forehead which was hot to the touch, from taking a babysitting course she knew that indicated that he had a fever and a very high one at that.

          She grabbed his shoulders to pull him under a very large oak tree upon which she was just previously resting under. At the touch the stranger with hair like the sun opened his eyes and grabbed Krysten’s wrist, scaring her out of her mind. When a few moments had passed he realized what he was did and let go of her wrist, but not without demanding why she had touched him in the first place.

“I was trying to get you leaning up against that tree there, because you obviously have a fever and more than a few wounds to be very concerned about.”

“Well next time you’ll be sure to ask me before you touch, at least till we know each other better.”

“May I touch you to move you?”

“Yes. And by the way my name is Rain Takenshi. And you will be?”     

 “Krysten Tsubaki, supposedly I’m to be the queen here according to some prophecy.”

The End

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