With Love comes DangerMature

A young girl left with no one to love in this world.
A young warrior with a soul so scarred by war in another.
The common ground between them? Only her love can save him from darkness. Meet Krysten Tsubaki, a young girl, who one fateful night, gets sent to another world. The world of Spira. There she finds all her dreams are possible. Magick exists and dragons fill the skies, and that a love soul deep is real.

Watch closely the one. With hair like the sun and eyes like the stone of wine. For her fate shall intertwine. With the beings', grand and divine.

The gods shall see such bravery bold. A reward worth more than gold. An angel you see, Oh Son of the Sea. Shall be yours to love and to hold. The unknown angel among the beasts. Oh, prince can't you hear her heart bequeath. To save her soul only when the beasts see the light among darkness. She shall lead the dream, with knowledge vast and heart clean. The gypsy's wish will fulfill as the angel's mother. The passion reborn to meet with tears, sighs, will, life, and death. Met in one, till the evil's undone.


The Grand Mistress,

Dinah Dolusph,

Inorma to the Aurorasin




“Krysten! Where are you?” called her friend, Sara.

“I’m coming. Don’t get your hair in a bunch!”

“Where were you?”

“I was praying that this dance goes better than the last one.”

“Yeah that was funny. My favouritepart was when you flung that frog into Flower’s hair.” Sara said, imitating a flying frog with her hands

“Hey I told you many times that that was an accident. I was truly aiming for Loren’s face”

“But it was still funny.”


And with that, they walked out of the house feeling as lighthearted as ever. They had no idea that a pair of mirror-smooth eyes were watching them, waiting for the right time to do the job that was given to him by fate herself. Krysten and Sara got to the dance at about 8ish and they saw everyone there. Krysten started scanningthecrowd for Loren when her gaze caught the eyes of a face that has haunted her dreams since she was little. Eyes as captivating as moonlight, hair as pure as gold, and a body that was built to hold the weight of the world. When she found herself gasping, she quickly called her attention from those eyes and continued looking for her crush ‘Loren Johnson’.

“Have you seen Loren? Sara.” Krysten asked looking at her friend.

“Speak of the devil. Hey, found Loren!” Sara said drawing Krysten’s attention towards the doors and just walking in with little miss Perfect, Flower Kents, on his arm was the boy in question, Loren Johnson. He was every girl’s fantasy. With eyes, hair and a body designed to tease a girl until she went mad from lust and longing.

And as usual, he walked by without sparing so much as a glance at her. So she went about the evening as she usual did at dances. With guys taking pity on her and asking her to dance even though they couldn’t see her very well, then once her 30 seconds of happiness was wasted, she would sit against the wall and dream about the way her life should be. A life where boys didn’t take pity on her, she took pity on them.     

Where she had the right to choose anyone as her boyfriend even Loren Johnson and he would have no say against it. But her dreams never did come true. She had fun doing it because it took her mind off of her misery, but when she stopped reality came rushing back without mercy, leaving her even more miserable than before. But that night something unusual would happen that change her life forever. It happened while they were calling the King and Queen Terror. They called the king first and low and behold it was Loren Johnson. Then they called the Queen Terror. And to everyone’s surprise, they called the name KrystenTsubaki.

Everyone turned their head towards her and she found herself lacking the strength to stand and walk towards the stage where her king already was, her friend Sara came up behind her, helped lift her off the ground and pushed towards the stage. When Krysten stood on the stage beside Loren. It somehow felt right to stand like this with him and everyone watching her. And then they said the words that she wanted to hear for so long, and will forever resonate in her soul.

“It’s time for the king to dance with his queen.”

As Loren turned to take Krysten’s hand a single thought passed through his mind

‘How can I dance with a girl I can’t see?’

In the end Krysten took his hand and led him to the dance floor. But no matter how many fantasies she’d had about this moment when she would finally dance with her crush it would not change the fact that right now she would take the fantasies over the real thing.

Instead of him sweeping her around the dance floor gracefully, they stood awkwardly, just swaying side to side in tune with the rhythm. And the look he was wearing just like he was trying to see something far away unnerved her and made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. Thirty seconds into the dance, she broke away and ran from the room crying. Concerned, Sara followed her into the girl’s bathroom, where Krysten sat crying her eyes out.

“What’s wrong? I thought you would have been happy to dance with Loren.”

“I was, until I noticed that he couldn’t see me” She said between sobs.

“Couldn’t see you?”

“It was the look he was wearing that told me. He couldn’t see me.” Krysten said bursting into a new fit of sobs.

When they got back to the gym, the teachers were just putting out a fire that was caused by the pyrotechnic machines when the fire spread to the speakers then to the curtains. Within the chaos, a mysterious stranger murmured a spreading spell.

When the whole gym was surrounded by flames glowing various shades of red and blue. The stranger wove a comment onto a thread of light and thrusted it into the young Krysten's mind.

:It’s time now. You have been recognized by your kinsmen as a queen. The requirement as been fulfilled. It’s time to live your destiny as queen of  Aurora Fell.:

 Krysten stood, dazed by the voice that appeared in her mind just a second ago. She started wondering whose voice that was as she started scanning the gym.

"I wonder who that was."

Then just on queue the owner of the voice appeared right before her, and said,

“My queen this shall be my final act in your service, I shall sacrifice myself so that you may go to your rightful kingdom and fulfill the destiny set before you. But before I complete this act, I feel that you must know my name. My queen I am known as Kenta Savrille. I was the crowned prince born to hold the place of leadership until the rightful leader was born and recognized by her kinsmen as a queen. Farewell My Queen, May you lead our people with a spine as hard as steel and love them with a heart as pure as moonlight.”

After he said that, Kenta grabbed the bejeweled dagger from his waist and drew a sign that Krysten was all too familiar with for every time she woke up from a dream that involved this young man she found herself sketching the exotic sign.

When the sign on his chest was completed it started to glow the samecolouras his eyes which were cool silver and the floor around seemed to glow and pulse like a heartbeat in the samecolouras the symbol on his chest. Nothing prepared her for what would happen next, the floor below her opened up and two human arms surrounded her and pulled her under.

The End

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