But that was six years ago now, although it seems like a lifetime, the night I will never forget, the night you walked out of my life and were never seen again.

Your car they found abandoned by the roadside, doors flung wide, but no trace of you to be found. They searched the area repeatedly; they questioned the local people, but nothing.

                Everyday I find myself thinking of you, thinking of that night, did I do something wrong? Say something that hurt your feelings?

                I think over your words, struggle to remember if you showed any signs of sadness. Were you sad? Had you hoped I would notice?

                All these questions whizzing around my head, and yet, I have no answers. It haunts me in my sleep, as I dream of all the things that could have happened to you. Did you pull over to help someone, only to be attacked by a large group who’d been hidden, ready to attack?

                Did you stop to look at something, trip and bang your head. Are you wandering now alone, with no memories of your past.

                Were you murder, now resting in heaven? If so won’t you give me some sign, anything at all, I really do not mind, I just need resolution, away to let you go.

                I do not smile anymore, I don’t have friends, my every moment is absorbed with trying to solve the mystery surrounding your disappearance.

                My desk is piled high with notebooks, full of every tiny aspect of your loss that I can trace, I have travelled to the very spot where your car was found time and time again, and sometimes feel as if I know it better than my own home, for it seems to me that there is not an inch of it, that I have not combed in hopes of finding something, anything, that might connect to you.

                I have to know if you’re dead or alive, I have to know what happened, it’s a need that eats away at me now, day by day, minute by minute, I cannot put you to rest without first, learning the truth. 

And so this is my journey, my seemingly unending search, and I know, that no matter what I cannot stop, because this need has taken over my soul, even if it takes my whole life, I'll never stop searching for you.

The End

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