All Things Are Made Possible Through Christ Who Strengthens MeMature

The Story Of My Life inspired by Nick Vujicic

Part One Real Life Story Of Miss Ting 

To write song lyrics...
To be able to write poems, poetry...
To know the skill(s) and talent(s) of myself.

The gift of writing and singing,
Are from the Heavenly Father.
Use them in an appropriate manner,
In order for me to show others that through God,
All things are made possible through the impossibilities.

When I fall in love with another person,
There is an inspiration that makes me wanna write my very first romance fiction novel that will definitely be published one day in the future.
The difficult part(s) of writing is the gain the knowledge and wisdom,
Where can anyone find knowledge and wisdom?
Through travelling overseas and making new friends,
Through the Holy Scripture and watching the world news.

Anyone who wishes to be a professional writer or author,
Will at least trust, hope and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
They will suffer a moment of Writer's Block Syndrome,
Before they can a better and a more beautiful author or writer.

There are many authors or writers,
They aren't Christian but through their hard work,
They are determined and persevere through the darkest and scariest time of their personal life.
But as for me,
I am different because since young I had fallen in love with writing and books.
So I need to do more research and get back on track on my manuscript that I haven't yet being able to publish because it is still incomplete.

The End

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