With Dolphin's Help

This story is about the team members of the Dolphin Rescue Team getting saved by the dolphins...

 "Today, we are going to the east part of the Pacific Ocean to save 3 injured dolphins." Leader of the Dolphin Recue Team, Rosemary Heij said.

 "That's going to be awesome, totally awesome...I can't wait!!" One member of the Dolphin Rescue Team, Elly McAfee exclaimed, "Are those three dolphins all boys or all girls or what? I'm asking that simply because I want to make their names!"

 "You will find it out when you get there, Elly." Rosemary said.

 It's going to take about 2 months to get to the east part of the Pacific Ocean since Dolphin Rescue Team members are now in South Africa.

 "Let's go, everyone. Remember your clothes and everything. The most important thing is your swimming suit, because we are going to the ocean." Rosemary said.

 Fortunately, the weather was sunny and waves were low.

 On your mark..

Get set...


The long journey's been started...

The End

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