With a little help from ....???

Poor guy gets awoken in the middle of the night.....find out why by reading

      Alan woke up, not really sure why, he glanced around his darkened bedroom - it was the exact same way it had been when he had drifted off to sleep a few hours earlier.

      Then a flash of light at the window caught his eye causing him to rush from his bed - almost falling in the process. Straightening himself up he looked out of the window into the dreary darkness which was his street at three o'clock in the morning.

      With one small difference.

      There was a bright, white light at the end of the street. Alan stood mesmerised, trying to figure out what in the world it could have been.

     He pulled on some clothes and ran down the stairs out into the misty, winter air. He ran to the end of the street, the place where the flash of light had come from. It was gone. Alan looked around, searching, then at the foot of a nearby hill, he saw it again.

      He ran towards it, it was moving away, getting farther and farther away with every step, he just kept chasing it, slowly going up the hill, running throught the trees, falling through the bushes, his mind not even bothering to think what it was doing or why  - he just kept going and going and going. Until.

      It stopped suddenly.

      Alan ran over to it  but what exactly it was he didnt know. An angel? A ghost?  To this day he still doesnt know, but he soon found its purpose.

      He reached his hand to the light, as soon as he touched it, it vanished. But in its wake it revealed a hidden pathway leading through the bushes. Alan made his way along it.

      It was getting darker and darker, he kept moving, dodging in and out of the trees, bushes ripping open his shins, yet, still he ploughed on.

      Then the path stopped, Alan was left in total darkness, not sure where was forward and where was back, lost in the middle of the woods. All alone.

      Then a small noise echoed through the darkness. Alan stood still, his ears listening, searching for the noise, it came again, a faint shout, barely audible. He moved towards it.

      As he got nearer, he began to move more slowly. Stumbling through the trees, getting louder, beginning to form words.     

"Help! Please...somebody, anybody?"

"Where are you?!"

"Help i'm over here" came the voice, the voice still in front of him but a little to his right hand side. He continued towards it, the darkness enveloping his every movement, then he found her.

      It was a little girl, she looked about twelve, with short black hair and round green eyes. She was laying on the cold, hard ground, her ankle looked as though it might be broken and she had a large gash across her cheek.

      Alan bent down next to her, blood was slowly dripping down her face and her ankle was definitely broken and her whole bod was shaking with a combination of fear and cold.

"What happened?" Alan questioned.

"I...i was camping and woke up to go to the toilet, and tripped over something, and rolled down the hill.OW!" she said, grabbing her ankle as she reached the end of the sentence.

"Ill get you to someone that can help" Alan cosoled, hoping to god that he could.

"Thank you so much" she relpied, trying to smile through the pain.

      Alan helped her to her feet, gettin her steady. They set through the trees, heading downhill, going upwards and looking for the campsite would have been too difficult. They kept moving, every step bringing gasps of pain from the little girl.

      Alan couldnt bear putting her through the pain and despite struggling to balance decided to lift her.

      As he continually walked downwards, the bushes chopping at his ankles, he almost fell a few times, only just managing to keep his balance.

      Then she began to nod off to sleep, her eyes slowly closing.

"So, whats your name?" Alan questioned, trying to make sure she didnt fall asleep.

"Lynne, whats yours?" she mumbled shaking herself awake.

"I'm Alan, we'll find help soon i promise."

      Five minutes later he stopped, laying her on the ground, his legs felt like they were going to die beneath him as well as looking like they had been attaked by some crazed animal, the blood slowly trickling down them.

      After a qucik rest they continued on. Alan just kept her talking, keeping her awake, pushing himself through the pain, the trees, the bushes and anything else he encountered on the way down that hill.

      Eventually, after what felt like weeks of walking, they reached a road, Alan breathed a sigh of relief.

"Almost there" he said to Lynne, who smiled weakly. She was shaking, her body absolutely freezing, so was Alan, but he stopped and put her down, took off his jacket and put it over her. They set off again, the cold air ripping at Alan's skin, every step causing his body to ache, his muscles screaming in agony.

      Then in the distance, Alan spotted a hospital, his heart rose. But it was still a fair distance away and at this time, no one wold be on the roads to help.

      He pushed on, his pain killing his legs, getting closer and closer, his body wanting to give up, but the pain and fear in Lynne's almost frozen face urged him onwards and downwards.

      Finally they got to the hospital. He had done it she was safe.

      The next day, Alan was all over the news, he was a hero, but he didnt really care, he had done what anyone else would have.

      The reporters eventually stopped, but one thing still puzzled Alan, plagued his mind.

      What was that light? Why had it come? Why Alan? And to this day he still doesnt know, but he's glad, it saved that little girls life - well with a little help from Alan of course.




The End

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