Witchlight (Closed!)

Six young witches find out they have the rare and dangerous power of Witchlight. The power was thought to be destroyed, but remains in the form of talismans that belonged to their ancestors who survived the Salem witch trials. Now the girls must find out how to control this mysterious power before it becomes a danger to the world around them, and even themselves.

The forest was dark and quiet as she ventured deeper into the twisting trees. The hour was late, and the only light was the full moon above. She knew she had no business being out without someone else, but she continued on. Every so often, a small woodland creature would scurry across the ground, giving her a tiny fright. Other than her breathing and the twigs snapping under her feet, there was no sound. A few feet ahead, she noticed the clearing. Eager to see if the others were there, she quickened her pace until she stood in the clearing's very center.

No one was there.

She wasn't worried, she had a feeling they would come. They'd be there, she knew it. She'd only been waiting a short while, when she felt a sudden burst of power. This power was different from any other, but she was able to recognize it instantly. She sighed with relief, and sent her own burst of the rare power directly ahead of her. Not long after, she felt the strong bursts of power from all around her. The others were coming, and they were very near.

Soon enough, the shadows emerged in the moon's full light, illuminating the faces of the other five girls. Smiles broke out across their faces and they all ran towards one another, lifting their dresses to move faster. The feel of their arms around each other was comforting. Just the thought of knowing they had survived the brutal and cruel trials was exciting, but seeing one another in the flesh was nearly overwhelming. After breaking apart, each one took turns sending colored sparks up into the air, like fireworks. From then on, the forest was filled with rejoicing, until dawn's darling light began peering down upon the village.

The End

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