Carmen - oh its just chrisMature

Robin passed out! i picked her up to her feet and looked for water to chuck on her face, but obviously... no water... ok this is going to be yuck Robin but you did slap me so... so i gargled the saliva in me mouth and spat at her, "OI!" Shouted Robin, well that did the trick, "well ya didnt have to hit me!?" i shouted back, we were silent for like 10 second looking down, i look up first then she did too, then we just laughed and laughed and i randomly went in for a hug when we saw this guy running franticallt towards us waving his arms around, i looked around him and saw a wall of spikes closing in on him, we all look round at eachother then jumped out of the way of the wall of spikes, but luckly it stop right as it got near us, Rachel was staring at the wall really hard so i guess that she was the one who stopped the wall, "umm hi?", the guy looked up at me from where he was standing and i realised who it was "oh" i turn around to the others "... its just chris" i smile at the others, "would someone please tell me whats going on!!" shouted Robin over everyone.

The End

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