Ug this is confusing, I'm lost pretty damm well. There is now way i'm getting back to that girl.  I take a right and then a left when I turn around theres is a dead end behind me. Well commonly how to solve mazes involves finding the exit, I didn't want to find the exit, at the moment cause I felt like a douche leaving that girl behind, only at the time had I known this was a magical maze.  I walk on for a while and through the wall I hear rasied voices, but couldn't understand  what they were saying. I tore down the narrow corridor of the maze , which started to close and become tighter.

I barely miss my leg getting caught inside the walls I look right its another dead end, what seperated me from people was these bloody moving stupid walls.

" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh! This is so Irratating!" I say kicking the wall , and like I had some effect on the wall it began to slide open and behind me  the wall flipped to reveal spikes.

" Shit!" I run and the group of people ahead me notice me and look confused as I begin to run then see the wall of spikes and pick up the unconciouse girl.

" Sorry." I yell I could feel  the spikes probably only inches behind me.

The End

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