oh great, i laugh at Robin, linked on my arm "you never did have a good sence of direction" she smiles at me "so what do we do now?" i say to both of them, "well, turn around i supose and go back" says rachel, well that sounds reasonable, we all turn around, but... we turn to face a wall "woah!, where the hell did that come from!?" i say astounded, i look round to Rachel and Robins face's, theys are stunned. we turn around again quickly but lucky the path is still there, "so a, umm... a moving maze... Fabulous..." i say sarcastically, "well the good thing about mazes, is if you dont want to go through it you can always fly out of it" i say smiling, i unlink my arm with Robin and faze into one of my 5 creatures, the Phoenix and i start to fly upwards, this will be easy, but no, getting out of here could not be harder, as i fly up, its almost as if the walls fly up too, well grow more like, the higher i go the high the walls go. i fly back down and faze back to my normal self again, "well that idea is down the toilet!" we start walking again, this time we come to three war path, "your turn Carmen" says Rachel smiling, hmmm... this way i poing and we carry on walking straight ahead arm in arm.

The End

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