I picked myself off the stone ground, easily beside me some classmate layed unconciously on the ground, I pick her up and lean her back against the wall. Elemental being. I could tell by the type of magic was being releasedd off her. Not many people can tell or even feel it. I can cause all the magic inside me is sealed an inaccesible building up. I hoped eventually I was hoping the seal would break from pressure but I was assured that it will never break.  I waited a while the kid didn't even twitch. Something about this place I didn't like.  I wrote a few symbols on the ground that ment protective barrier, and the other symbols where to use the magic needed for it to work from the classmate.   She groaned from the small usage of energy being forcefully taken away for her own good.  A yellow transparent barrier from 3 meter radius around.

" Good, I'll have to remember to comeback for you." I mutter then pick a random direction to start off in.

The girl was probably better off than I was , if I ran into a hostile magical creature , I was essaintly dead, I had no magic of my own, and did not have any stolen remance of magic on me. I take out an enchanted blade that could extend to 2 feet if I needed and place it on its second sheath on the inside of my jacket sleeve, It was just the hilt when it wasn't extended so it was easy to carry and conceal , the only problem was trying to extend it. It responds to a spark or little bit of magic, but for me I needed to press the button wich shredded a magical plant activating it. Lets say it took alot of button pressing.

I turn right and and run into a dead end, This place had to be a maze.

The End

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