What the fuck?! We are stuck in this stone maze place and I don' thave a clue how we bloody got here! I look at Rachel, this is not good. She looks scared but she's trying to hide it.

I go over to her and link arms and then do the same with Carman. Ismile at them weakly, trying to lighten the mood. "Well, at least we got out of doing that maths test." They laugh a little. Okay, wde've gotta find the others! I look around and sigh. "What way?" There's loads of paths to choose, I know I'm gonna get lost. I'm not very good with direction.

"Thatway." Carmen points forward. Inod and start walking quickly, kinda pulling the others along.  My emerald green eyes sweep from stone to stone. I gulp, this is freaky. I unlink my arm with Carmen to push a long ginger wave away from my pale face. I link my arm again.

I hope we find the others and get outta here soon, I'm getting a strange feeling about this place. One of the stone walls has got a centaur carved into it. It's strange how it's so life like. I stop, unlink my arms, and go over to it. I run my hand over his features. Wow. Whoever made this is so talented. I come up to his neck, tahnks to my height, I'm 6 foot.

A hand goes on my shoulder making me jumpout ofmy skin. I turn around.Rachel and Carmen are next tome, smiling. "You scared the crap outta me!" I look to the ground then link arms with my friends again. "Smithy?" I look down at Rachel. "Yeah?" Her snake like green eyes lock with mine for a while, she's got something on her mind. I wonder if she'll tell me, sometimes she never does.

"Why did you go over to the statue?" I'm puzzled. O fall the things toask and she asks that. I shrug, thinking. "I dunno. Guess I thought it looked cool." I move my gaze infront ofme, hopefully she won't press it. "Smithy." I look at Carmen now. What is this? Ask Smithy anything day?

"You're ring looks different here. Where'd youget it?" Ilook down at my ring. It'sbeautiful. An antique, from Egypt. I shrug, not wanting to dwell on it too much because I'm not gonna cry infront of them.

"I've had it since I was a baby. That's want Nanna Jay told me." She nods. "Nanna Jay is the woman who owns the orphanage where I've lived since I can remember. I don't know anything about my family but I do know that no one wants to adopt me.

The kids there say I'm strange, a freak. I don't know why but they don't like me. I've never really fitted in until I met these guys. Carmen and Rachel smile at me and Ismile back. We have come toanother split road thingy. I look at Rachel. "Your turn." She shakes her head and points to her left. "That way." We start walking again. I look down at my ring and notice it does look different.

It's kinda got a glow to it. Hmm. Strange. Soon we are at another crossthing. My turn. "Erm. Lets go..." I chew mylip. "Er. That way." I nodmy head to my left and we start walking down it.

Soon, I know it was a mastake. It's all dark and gloomy, sending shivers upand down my back. I gulp, trying to hide the fear that's welling up inside me. Oh shit, what have I got us into now?

The End

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