"Carman? Robin? you guys OK?" I said in a hushed voice cautious of where we were. "Ya Im here" replied Carman

"Yeah but where the fuck are we?" shouted Robin hysterically

"Shhhhhh I don't know but we need to find the others" I reply whispering.

I looked around this place was like a stone maze which instintally gave me shivers it reminded me of my dream:

Running, running I'm running from something something that fills me with dread but there is stone everywhere, I look ahead to find a secret garden but it doesn't feel safe my senses alert me and when I turn around I find a man holding a red rose but the red was the blood from him, the thorns digging into his skin I try to look up to his face but then I wake up I never see his face the eyes which would show so much.

My mother always taught me you can tell so much from the eyes that was the first thing she taught me before she started teaching me spells and telling me never to use them to harm someone unless its self defence.

The End

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