witch trialsMature

Everyone in this freinship are witchs or humans and one day when thy were just talking they somehow get transported into a cement maze

"Heya I'm Rachel" I said on the first day to the people who would a year later become my closest freinds, well this all starts when we are already best freinds we are just talking about how fit the new guy is. When he comes over and starts talking to me. About a month after he asked me out but I knew something was up I mean seriously super fit with... me?

Well anyway we were all talking about what we would do in the summer when I noticed a flash behind my freinds head. I ignored it thinking it was nothing but then suddenly our whole surroundings changed and we were falling, falling from so high and somehow got split up and now we have to find out why we are here and how to get out.

The End

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