Witch Of Two WorldsMature

Young girl called Elizabeth attends an all magic school in the magics world, but she was born in the human world and the magics world and she was brought up in both worlds but mainly the human world because she lost her parents in the magics world and was sent to the human but she is a witch and has always know that. She attends the magics school and everyone will know who she is....

Magics world, at The High Magics Council HQ, the main Garden

Date: 6/12/1993 Year of the Dragon

Standing around the portal in the main garden was the High Magics Council, in tall long dark blue robs (with hoods) they was watching over a new baby girl, the baby was born from the parents of Renee and Andrew Atlas. Both Renee and Andrew was happy to have a girl cause they have a baby boy as well born in the same year but in February his name is Ryu, with two children both parents were happy.

Andrew and Renee are both members of the Magics Council (thats why the council is watching them) but after Ryu was born they stopped using magic for a while and they are going to do the same Elizabeth

The End

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