Chapter Eight

 Buffy thought for a moment, remembering her mother's trust in him, and then she finally nodded. He smiled too, and grabbed Buffy's wrist, stopped, pulling her to a halt. he didn't let go of Buffy's wrist. He closed his eyes, and concentrated, frowning. After a while he opened his eyes wide, and yelled,


 And then there was darkness. Just darkness; no sound, feelings, smell. Silence, and darkness. After a few minutes, her hearing started to fade back to her, but just that. Nothing else.

 "Buffy? Buffy!" Bradley was shouting anxiously. Her senses of smell and feeling whooshed back into her. Now she was just blind. And she had a terrible headache.

 "Whu-huh?" she murmured half-heartedly.

 "Buffy, can you hear me?" he said as if he were talking to a five year old,

 "No!" Buffy replied angrily, wishing for rest. Bradley probably rolled his eyes.

 Suddenly, the headache disappeared, and her sight came back. She breathed a breath of relief.

 "What? Are you okay now?" Bradley asked, worry in his eyes.

 "I'm fine now. What was that?" Buffy asked, tiredly.

 "You're not used to travelling with magic. It was like a huge head rush for a long time." He explained.

 "Well, I hope I don't need to travel using magic again!"

 "Don't worry, you'll be fine now you've done it once." He stated. Buffy rolled her eyes. 'Yeah right...' She thought. Bradley stood up and brushed the dirt off of his dark jeans. Buffy looked around, and saw that they were in a desert.

 "Why are we in a desert?" Buffy asked, getting wary now.

 "We're on our way to camp. It's just about a mile further." Bradley replied. Buffy groaned.

 "Ugh! I'm way too tired!" she almost shouted. Bradley shrugged, and walked on. Buffy tried, but failed, to catch up.

 Suddenly, a weird feeling spread over Buffy. She fell to the ground, and blacked out for about three seconds. Bradley was there within about two of those.

 "Buffy! Are you all right?!" he shouted, very anxious now. Buffy couldn't answer. Suddenly, she was in his arms. He carried her as if she wasn't even there. She didn't feel as light as he made her seem. It would be un-healthy to be that light.

 Then, he ran with a speed so quick, that Buffy couldn't even see around her. She would've been sick if Bradley wasn't moving so gracefully. He didn't jostle her once.

The End

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