Chapter Seven

 Buffy and Bradley sat on the bed, not talking for a while. Buffy was staring intently at Bradley's piercing blue eyes, and Bradley was just looking around the room curiously.

 "So," Buffy said, breaking the silence. "What was it you wanted to talk to me about?" she asked, leaning closer to Bradley.

 "Ah. It's a delicate subject, so I'll ease you into it." He stated.

 "Go ahead." Buffy prompted,

 "Have you been having weird dreams lately? Has anything happened to you that's out of the norm?" he asked,

 "Yeah, I've been having this nightmare about Big Ben lately, but nothing out of the norm...Unless you count the wardrobe." She added,

 "What wardrobe?" he asked, very interested now,

 "The wardrobe in my secret room" She said,

 "Aren't you a little young to be playing in secret rooms?" Bradley asked, raising his eyebrows,

 "No, I just wanted a little privacy"

 "Which is why you showed your mother...?"

 "How did you know...?"

 "Just take me into the room, please." He ordered. Buffy got up, and walked slowly to her secret room. Her hands were shaky, for some reason, when she unlocked the door.

 She swung the door open, revealing her secret room. Bradley looked in, and saw the piano, and the guitar,

 "You're a musical person?" he asked, nodding towards the musical instruments.

 "Yuhuh, but my Mum's better." Buffy replied. "Didn't you want to see the wardrobe?" Buffy asked,

 "Oh, yes" He said, shaking his head quickly, as if to get rid of some thoughts. Buffy walked quickly towards the bottom-left corner of the room, which was where the wardrobe stood. She opened the doors, but there was nothing in it. Buffy frowned,

 "B-but there was lots of stuff in there! Herbs and spices and other cool, mystical stuff!"

 "Wait, there was mystical stuff in there?"

 "Yeah, stuff like-"

 "We have to go." He stated angrily,

 "What? Why? I don't want to leave my-"

 "Your mother can come with us. But you need to come with me, mother or no mother." He growled,

 "What's happening?" Buffy asked whilst Bradley pulled her along by her wrist.

 "You're a witch. There are bad people who want to kill you. They've already taken your supplies, so we need to get you to safety. Do you trust me?"

The End

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