Chapter Six

 "Who are you?" Buffy asked, wary, whilst her mother was slowly backing to the door where Buffy liked to keep her umbrellas. The stranger looked up, smiling evilly.

 "I am someone you are going to have to get very used to." He exclaimed, hiding his face beneath a dark hood. Buffy frowned,

 "No offence, Intruder Dude, but fashion sense needs to talk to you." Buffy said, using humour to mask her fear. Her Mum had got to the umbrellas, and had her fist firmly wrapped around the handle of one.

 "Nuh uh, Natalie." The Intruder said, turning his head towards Buffy's Mum. He shook his head at her.

 "How do you know my name?" Natalie said, frowning, as her hand slowly inched away from the umbrella. The man laughed.

 "I know a lot about you and your family, Natalie. And a few of your secrets that you've kept from them." He stated, "For instance, when you were at your mother's birthday barbeque, when you-"

 "That's a secret for a reason" Natalie whispered coldly.

 "I know, and I wont go any further. What I am here to do is to talk to Buffy...Privately." He said, nodding towards Buffy. "So you'll kinda need to leave." he ordered Natalie,

 "No! You might hurt my daughter!"

 "I wont! I'm the same as she is! if you know what I'm talking about..." Natalie's eyes went wider. She did know what he was talking about.

 "What's happening, Mum?" Buffy inquired, getting scared now.

 "Don't worry, honey. He wont hurt you; he has to tell you something...Something important." Natalie said, smiling warmly. Buffy had always trusted that smile, and she still did.

 "Umm...Okay, Mum. But come back after, okay?" Buffy asked timidly. Natalie nodded, still smiling. Buffy gulped, and turned around. When she heard the door shut, she went and sat down on her bed. Then the man took off his hood.

 Buffy was dumbstruck. She hadn't seen anyone as good looking as him, ever. She looked at his face, and love filled her. She instantly trusted him.

 "Hello? Buffy?" Buffy didn't realise that he was right in front of her, waving his hand over her eyes.

 "Huh? Oh, sorry..." She didn't say anything else. She couldn't think up a good excuse.

 "Whatever. I have something important that you need to know. How old are you?"

 "Thought you knew everything about me. I'm sixteen."

 "I knew everything about your family, not their ages. Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm Bradley Curtis"

The End

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